Eve, Aqara, Amazon and Philips switch to Matter

Matter is already a reality and the main brands of home automation accessories have already announced their plans to update their devices to the new standard that will definitely change home automation.

Matter has been waiting but finally we can say that the new standard that we have been waiting for for a long time is a reality, and nothing better to demonstrate it than to see how the main manufacturers of home automation accessories announce their roadmap to update their products and make them compatible . Eve, Aqara, Philips and even Amazon have made it clear that they embrace matter and they do it right away.


Aqara has been working with Apple, Google and Samsung to adapt to the new standard, and the result is that users of its products will be able to start enjoying matter starting in December (2022). through the Hub M2 after an update that will arrive on that date, and which will make devices connecting to that Hub compatible with matter. Other hubs will receive updates in the following months, including the M1S, E1 models, the Hub G3 camera and the Hub G2H Pro camera. The manufacturer assures that matter will be compatible with more than 160 products in its catalog.

aqara accessories

In addition to the compatibility of existing accessories, it has announced that new products are going to be released that will be compatible with Thread, the basis of matter, so they can be used with your favorite assistant (Siri, Google or Alexa) without the need to use any Aqara Hub. A new Matter compatible Hub M3 will also be launched.


Eve Systems has been a manufacturer that has opted for HomeKit exclusivity since its inception, but has joined the matter bandwagon so that its accessories can be used on other home automation platforms as of this update. today announced that three of its latest products will be updated to matter in a software update arriving on December 12. These are the latest models from Eve Energy, Eve Motion and Eve Door and Window.

Eve Motion Sensor

All devices compatible with Thread of the Eve brand, a total of 14, will be compatible with matter after the updates that they will receive progressively, in addition to the new products that the brand launches from 2023. In addition, the Eve app that is only available on iOS will also have an Android versionnecessary so that the users of that platform can use their products with matter.


The internet sales giant has announced that it will update your 17 Echo devices to be compatible with matter via WiFi starting next month. At the moment this update will only be available for Android users and will allow Amazon speakers to control plugs, light bulbs and switches. Over the next year, iOS devices will be included as well as new product categories.


The German brand has announced that its Philips Hue Bridge will be compatible with matter following an update that will arrive in early 2023. This update will make most existing Que accessories compatible with matter. The update will preserve all the configurations already made in Google and Amazon, but Apple HomeKit users will have to reset their devices and reconnect them to use matter.

Philips Hue Bridge

Two Philips devices will be left out of this new standard: the HDMI Sync Box to create ambilight environments on television and the Philips Hue Tap Dial switch. This Philips update shows one of the realities of matter: despite the fact that in theory “bridges” will not be necessary, the reality is that we will have to continue using them for a long timenot only for the accessories that we already have, but for the new ones that we buy until new ones that are completely compatible with the standard are launched.