Everything you need to know about Apple Music Classical

Apple has launched its classical music service, Apple Music Classical, which it announced at WWDC 2022, and it does so as a standalone app for iOS. What should you know about this new service? We explain everything below.

The new “Apple Music Classical” application is now available to reserve, which can be downloaded from March 28, 2023. If you want to reserve or download it after that date, you can do so from this link. At the moment it is an application only available for iPhone, there is no version for iPadOS, but presumably it will soon be available for the rest of Apple platforms as well. There is also no Android app at the moment. This service comes as a result of the acquisition of Primephonic, a streaming classical music service that Apple bought in 2021.

The application has only the classical music catalogue, with 5 million titles, hundreds of playlists and thousands of exclusive albums. Apple has collaborated with artists and institutions to offer exclusive content, and Features Lossless Audio and Spatial Audio. Looking for the maximum attention to detail, Apple has commissioned exclusive covers for its albums, for now with portraits of Beethoven, Chopin and Bach, but new creations will soon arrive.

Apple Music Classical app

The application has a more developed search engine that allows users to find their music by composer, work, catalog number, artist and more options. its interface is based on Apple Music, but with variations that give it a more personal touch, such as the type of font used: New York, instead of San Francisco Pro. The playback screen has a white or black background, no blurred backgrounds depending on the album that is playing. It also doesn’t show a song lyrics button, but rather to read a detailed description of the title. You can also find detailed biographies of the authors, editors’ notes as well as detailed information on the works.

Apple Music Classical It is included within the Apple Music service completely free of charge.both for Apple Music and Apple One subscribers. Those who will not be able to enjoy this service are those who have subscribed to Apple Music Voice.