Everything you need to know about the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil has been with us for a few years now. There were already entities on the market a series of pencils to be able to scribble with them and some touch screens. But the Apple Pencil was quite a revolution. The quality with which the strokes were described, the low latency and the ease of use made Apple once again introduce a device to beat on the market. It is true that it has its faults, but in general it is a very careful gadget. We are already in the second generation and there are rumors of a third. Let’s take a look at everything so far about the Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil already with us since 2015. A concrete present but an uncertain future

The Apple Pencil was introduced along with the iPad Pro in 2015. This gadget was intended to push the iPad to another level and boy! if he got it. The innovative new stylus housed an entire computing chipset inside its slim chassis. The fact that it was not synchronized via bluetooth was already something incredible and that digital artists were the first to highlight its benefits. Then the students arrived and their note-taking and now practically anyone buys the iPad and doesn’t think about it: they also get the Apple Pencil.

At present we already have with us the second generation of this pencil. An Apple Pendil 2 that works with the iPad Pro, Air 4 and mini 6. The rest of the iPad is not that it doesn’t work with the Apple Pencil, but that it does with the first generation that had certain flaws. Fundamentally, the way of charging.

Some inconveniences were also corrected in this second generation. For example, the current design offers lower latency and a new double-tap gesture compared to the original model. A very useful function, which at first would seem that it would only work with artists, or rather, that it would only make sense with them, but time has shown that, configuring this double touch, any user of this pen works in a very more efficient.

In addition, the new matte finish fits very well and its feeling in the hand is very good. With this, it can also be personalized, through personal engraving at the time of purchase and the best of the best, is its inductive charge to connect and charge on the iPad Pro or iPad Air.

A software update for the iPad Pros improved the second generation by reduce latency from approximately 20 ms to 9 ms. Drawing on the screen in native apps that support the new updates is now almost seamless. I’m not saying perfect, because perfection doesn’t exist, things can always be improved.

All this is possible, because it is capable of detecting the pressure and the angle of a stroke to represent it accurately in the application. This means you can go from heavy thin lines to thick shading line by altering your grip, just like you would with a real pencil.

But not everything is rosy. Tip wear is an issue that has surfaced almost at the time of its release. The rounded tip at the bottom of the pencil appears to be a different material and wears and smears easily.

He gained a lot with iOS 14

Thanks to this version of iOS, the Apple Pencil we can say that it became older. Now we can write text in any text input block and text recognition is instant. Plus, when you trace any drawing, shapes are instantly recognized as they’re drawn, so they can be automatically transformed into better-looking objects when you’re done. It’s as simple as after you’ve finished drawing a shape or arrow, hold the pencil steady before letting go, and it will replace the drawing with a more refined version.

What about the data detection function for text. If we write a phone number or address, it will be selectable to make a call or search.

It has nothing to do with the first generation Apple Pencil

It is evident and thankfully it has nothing to do with it. Because the first generation was like the test, but it was the one that paved the way to what we have now. and what can come next.

With its larger measurements, with its removable lid that it has a connector that serves to charge it and that made it impossible to use it or use anything else on the iPad. In fact, you were praying that both devices, iPad and Apple Pencil, wouldn’t run low on battery at the same time, because then you had to decide what to charge.

Apple Pencil 1st

Rumors of a 3rd generation Apple Pencil

There are not many rumors about this possibility, but it has been claimed that analysts and those who live on rumors claim to have images of the device. It looks like it will have a glossy plastic finish similar to the first-gen model and a flat side for charging.

No technical specifications have been leaked, but some are speculating that the “Apple Pencil 3” could come in different color options or at least one black option.

A different set of rumors expected Apple to release a cheaper model powered by device screen. It would have cost about 80 euros to change and would have worked with iPad and iPhone models, but apparently it was scrapped at the last moment.

So far, therefore, we’ll have to stick with the 2nd-gen Apple Pencil as the only one worth looking at in case you want to buy an iPad writing accessory. Really think if you want to buy an alternative from third-party companies, because the ones that are worth it have prices very similar to Apple’s, but the quality is not the same. Everything else is almost like throwing away money. In some cases, it is possible to get similar models from other companies, but in the case of the Apple Pencil, I already tell you that the original is what will provide you with excellent quality and will not frustrate you.