Everything you need to know about the carbon-neutral Apple Watch straps

In this first section we are going to make a classification to locate everything. The neutral carbon straps are some models (but not all) present in three different product families, which are Sport Loop, Alpine Loop and Trail Loop.

Later we will specify all the colors, compatible sphere sizes and sizes. But the most important thing you should know is that We have a total of 10 straps that meet the necessary requirements to be considered CO2 neutral.

Apple has already explained that this is only a first step, so it is a matter of time before these straps expand and we see more models and collections that join this initiative to fight climate change.

How do I know if an Apple Watch band is carbon neutral?

To make the distinction, from Apple have created a distinctive seal, which is visible both from its website and in the product box when we buy it. The straps that are carbon neutral have a green seal, and it can be viewed in different sections.

When we want to select a strap to buy, for example, from the Apple Watch Configurator, we will find that our selection is carbon neutral, thanks to this distinction, in addition to explaining the processes that have been carried out to be able to do get this.

What sizes of Apple Watch can they be used with?

Not all straps of this type are compatible with all Apple Watch sizes. So we can make a distinction of two types. On the one hand, the Sport Loop straps (carbon neutral) are compatible with the following sizes:

  • 41 millimeters
  • 40 millimeters
  • 38 millimeters

For their part, the Loop Alpine and Loop Trail (neutral) straps, although they were originally designed for the Apple Watch Ultra, are compatible with the following sizes:

  • 49 millimeters
  • 45 millimeters
  • 44 millimeters

Thus, Apple explains that 49 millimeter straps also fit 44 and 45 mm cases. While the straps are designed for 41mm, they also fit 38 and 40mm dials.

These strap collections have carbon neutral models

Once we have seen the compatibility of sizes, next we will see the collections (or families of straps) that have models that are neutral. Although we have a wide range of straps that meet this special characteristic, not all families and collections have straps of this type.

In this way, we see that all the collections are new batches and we have three distinctions: Sports Loop Strap, Alpine Loop Strap and Trail Loop Strap. However, not all colors and models in each of these families are carbon neutral.

These specific models are CO2 neutral

Regardless of the size, below we are going to detail the sports Loop strap models that meet this environmental requirement:

  • 41mm Cypress Sport Loop Strap
  • 45mm Cypress Sport Loop Strap
  • 41mm Winter Blue Sport Loop Strap
  • 45mm Winter Blue Sport Loop Strap
  • 41mm Midnight Sport Loop
  • 45mm Midnight Sport Loop
  • 41mm Light Pink Sport Loop Strap
  • 45mm Light Pink Sport Loop Strap
  • 41mm Star White Sport Loop Strap
  • 45mm Star White Sport Loop Strap

There are two editions of the Sport Loop left that we haven’t mentioned, and they are the Black Unity Sport Loop and the Pride Edition Sport Loop. Although these two are part of the sporty Loop product family, they are not carbon neutral.

Below we detail the straps of the Correa Loop Alpine family that are carbon neutral:

  • 44mm Blue Alpine Loop Strap
  • 45mm Blue Alpine Loop Strap
  • 49mm Blue Alpine Loop Strap
  • 44mm Indigo Alpine Loop Strap
  • Indigo 45mm Alpine Loop Strap
  • 49mm Indigo Alpine Loop Strap
  • 44mm Alpine Loop Strap in Olive Green
  • 45mm Alpine Loop Strap in Olive Green
  • 49mm Olive Green Alpine Loop Strap

On the part of the Correa Loop Trail family, these are the models that are carbon neutral:

  • 44mm Green/Grey Loop Trail Strap
  • 45mm Green/Grey Loop Trail Strap
  • 49mm Green/Grey Loop Trail Strap
  • 44mm Blue/Black Loop Trail Strap
  • 45mm Blue/Black Loop Trail Strap
  • 49mm Blue/Black Loop Trail Strap
  • 44mm Orange/Beige Loop Trail Strap
  • 45mm Orange/Beige Loop Trail Strap
  • 49mm Orange/Beige Loop Trail Strap

Of the rest of the straps designed for the Apple Watch Ultra, none of the Ocean Strap models (which is the product family that remains to be explored) are carbon neutral.

How much does a carbon neutral belt cost?

Given the new change in material and the environmental distinctiveness of CO2 neutrality, perhaps the issue of price is something that may concern you. So below we are going to detail the prices they have.

On the part of the Sport Loop Strap family, whether we choose a large or small strap size for our wrist, all of them have an official price in the Apple Store marked at 49 euros. However, these can also be purchased through third-party stores and authorized distributors.

If we look at the Loop Alpine and Loop Trail straps, originally designed for Apple Watch Ultra, all the aforementioned sizes, sizes and colors have an official price marked at 99 euros in the Apple Store. However, just as in the previous case, these can also be purchased through other stores and distributors.

Can I get these straps made of braided fabric wet?

One of the strongest points of the Apple Watch is its water resistance and its adaptation to physical activities, and in the case of the Apple Watch Ultra, activities in more extreme conditions. If we decide to go for a model of this type, the water resistance of the Apple Watch also passes through the strap.

Although they are breathable and prepared for sports, they are not waterproof. One thing is that they can withstand some exposure. But the fabrics with which they have been made do not repel water, so they are not waterproof. And if our goal is to maintain the useful life as long as possible, both of the watch and the strap, we will have to take more precautions when swimming with them.

The very structure of nylon, one of the recycled materials used to make these straps, does not repel water. It absorbs it, although it does not reach large quantities