Everything you need to know about watchOS 11

Apple has presented the next update for Apple Watch, watchOS 11, a new version focused on health and physical exercise. These are its main new features.


This new update requires that your iPhone be updated to iOS 18, so the first thing you need is an iPhone XS or later that is already updated to that version. The Apple Watch models that can be updated to watchOS 11 are as follows:

  • Apple Watch SE (2nd generation)
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series 8
  • Apple Watch Series 9
  • Apple Watch Ultra
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2

Vital signs

A new application comes to our watch: Vital Signs. The Apple Watch is continually recording important health metrics such as heart and breathing rate, temperature, sleep, and blood oxygen while we sleep. With this new application We will be able to consult all this data quickly, analyzing them and being able to see the most important metrics, so at any time we can see if there are any that are outside our normal range. We may even receive a notification if two or more of these measures are out of the ordinary, even indicating the possible reason why it occurred.

watchOS 11


When a woman registers her pregnancy in the Health application on the iPhone, the Cycle Control application on her Apple Watch will show her gestational age, and she will also be able to record the most common symptoms depending on her gestational age. Also The variation in vital signs that occurs during this period will be taken into account. so that you do not receive unnecessary notifications, for example due to a high heart rate, which usually increases during pregnancy. The Walking Stability function will also take this fact into account to warn of a greater risk of falls, something more common during the third trimester.

training load

The Apple Watch incorporates a new functionality that will be really useful to those who use it during their workouts. Training Load records the impact of training intensity on our body over time. So we can know what stress our body has suffered in the last seven days compared to a period of 28 days, so that decisions about training can be made based on the objectives we seek.

watchOS 11

To do this, after each training session, its difficulty will be quantified on a scale from 1 to 10. This score It will be done automatically in most workouts, although there will be others such as strength training, which will be the user who has to indicate it at the end. The user will be able to see the training load of the last 7 days, compared to that carried out in the last 28 days, so that they will be able to see if it is below, stable or above it and thus modify their training to achieve better results.


With watchOS 11 changes come to activity circles, such as the ability to pause them for a day, a week, a month, or longer, so that a vacation, illness, or injury doesn't ruin your activity streaks. Also you can set personalized daily goals, so that on weekends we can be more relaxed, for example. In the Fitness app we can customize the Summary screen to see what interests us, with new metrics such as running, walking, walking and mindfulness.

smart stack

The smart stack that we access by sliding up from the bottom of the screen offers us important information at a glance. New widgets such as Photos, Shazam or Distance are now available, and the widgets that appear will also change depending on the time of day, location and our daily routines. Widgets are now interactive so that we can interact with the app from the Smart Stack and now we also have Live Activities, with real-time information, like on the iPhone lock screen.

watchOS 11

Cover Photos

The Photos sphere now better chooses the photographs that are shown to us on our iPhone screen, using machine learning and recommending images based on aesthetics, composition and even facial expressions, framing the image with the clock and offering a sensation of depth. We also have more options for layouts, fonts and sizes, and a new dynamic mode that changes every time we raise our hand.

Report, Translate and Double Tap

We will be able to maintain contact with other people during training, so that they are informed when we have finished our race. We will also have the Translate application on our Apple Watch to be able to quickly access the translation into other languages ​​without having to use our iPhone. When we travel and the Apple Watch detects that we are in another country, the app widget will automatically appear to make things even easier for us. And the Double Tap function can now be used in any app, even third-party ones, to be able to navigate through all of them.

watchOS 11

Other news

  • The Training app now offers GPS tracks in more activities, such as soccer, hockey, skiing, golf, etc.
  • Custom Workouts can now also be used for swimming and we will be able to see what we have left of the current interval and a glimpse of the next one.
  • Maps now offers offline hiking routes, but for now only for national parks in the United States
  • Summary notifications like on the iPhone
  • If we have tickets in our Wallet, we will now be offered information about the time the show with Live Activities begins.
  • Tap to Cash lets you pay someone else by holding your Apple Watch to your iPhone or Apple Watch.