Exclusive Apple features available in the US that the rest of the world would also like to have

A clear example of this is the Apple Car, although there are other examples that we are going to show you below of exclusive Apple services and products in the United States.

Apple Financial Services and Personal Identification

Apple Card, Apple Pay Later and Apple Cash

The Apple Cardalong with savings services and Apple Cash, demonstrate Apple's interest in offering a financial solution for the brand's users. However, the complexity of international financial regulations has limited these services to the US market.

The function Apple Pay Laterwhich allows payments to be split in installments, faces similar problems, being a characteristic exclusive to the United States.

ID and Driver's License in the Apple Wallet

The integration of identity documents in the iPhone Wallet is also another of Apple's exclusive features in the United States that makes the difference. In some states it is possible to have a digital driver's license in the iPhone Wallet application itself. It is also possible to carry another type of identification. While it is true that due to regulations and safety issues this option is not available in all states, there are some that already enjoy this advantage.

At the moment, in countries like Spain, it is only possible to carry credit, public transport or business cards.

Clean energy card

Through the green energy charging function, the iPhone is based on a estimation of CO2 emissions from the local electrical grid to charge the device at times when power generation is most sustainable.

charging the iPhone

Additionally, this feature also makes the iPhone adapt to your usual charging habits to ensure that the device is fully charged when you need it. Likewise, this feature is only available if we are in the United States.

Apple Vision Pro

Finally, one of the most recent and innovative additions is the Apple Vision Pro.

The Apple Vision Pro went on sale on February 2, 2024. It is a mixed reality device that combines elements of virtual and augmented reality to create unique immersive experiences. With this device, users can enjoy viewing content in a completely different way than what we were used to until now, from movies and games to productivity and education applications, all with image quality and a level of interaction. never seen before. However, as with the other services and products mentioned above, for now, it can only be purchased in the United States.

Apple Vision Pro with battery

In the case of the Apple Vision Pro, the device is expected to begin selling in other countries in the coming months. However, there is still no official confirmation on this issue.

After exploring what are the exclusive features, services and products of Apple in the North American country, Which of these options would you like to have available in your country? Leave us a comment with your opinion.