Eye! They estimate the arrival date of the first OLED MacBook

From time to time we learn new information about future products that are yet to come. In this post it is the turn of the MacBook Pro, about a long-awaited improvement for which some already estimate an arrival date. And the OLED screen technology, which we can already see in some iPhone models, is not yet in the line of computers. However, this will not be the case for much longer.

From the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors they reveal why this information has now come out, who has predicted an approximate arrival date and, overall, what it could mean for this professional range of computers that they include screens OLED.

We are going to see the MacBook Pro with OLED screen in that year

As reported by MacRumors, “the first MacBook Pro models with OLED screens are three years away from launch.” This has been known thanks to the information that Ross Young, CEO of the research firm Display Supply Chain Consultants, has released.

This occurred in a webinar related to the topic of screens, in which Young stated that “it will take a few years for the production chains of Apple’s suppliers to be able to produce mass lines of OLED panels the size of a computer.” laptop”. So, he does not expect MacBook Pros with OLED panels to be launched until 2026 or 2027«, report from MacRumors.

This is back in the news, because it is something that has been confirmed again. However, the same analyst already last April stated that an investment of 3.1 billion dollars was underway by Samsung Display, for the manufacture of OLED panels in screen sizes of 14 and 16 inches, for the 2026 MacBook Pro.

There is currently no MacBook Pro or MacBook Air model that incorporates this screen system. In fact, only iPhones have OLED screens. The iPads also do not have this system, and according to rumors, it is expected that the first iPad models that we see with this new type of screen will not arrive until next year, with the iPad Pro.

The benefits of a MacBook Pro with an OLED screen

The OLED screen system provides a better color tone, with pure blacks being one of its strongest points. Right now, all Apple laptops we know of have LCD panels. Although they are of high quality, the move to OLED will be a significant leap in quality.

But beyond the image we see on the screen, it also has other advantages. Being able to have more brightness, a higher contrast ratio, pure black tones and also longer battery life.


This last point is important to highlight, since it is one of the aspects in which MacBooks have evolved the most (for the better). Now, thanks to Apple Silicon processors we have much more autonomy, thanks to the efficiency of the processor. And having an added element that reduces energy consumption, while providing us with more quality and resolution, will be a differential factor.