Nor do I think that the headline will lead you to surprises given the history of this social network. It is true that it was the first one that came into our lives that was successful, but that does not mean that it is the best, much less the one that keeps our data safe. In addition to the fines received in recent years, we have been able to verify how she has been sheared at many times for very dubious actions. The motto: Nobody gives anything for free, with Facebook it comes true. He treats us as if we were merchandise. Our data in your hands is not safe and the EU has just confirmed it with a record fine.

In the annals of history, Facebook will remain as the social network that helped us find our lost friends from school, institute or university and even from that wonderful summer we spent in that town on the coast. But above all and for what will pass to the next generations is its ability to traffic the personal data of each of its users. For this reason, it has been questioned many times and has been fined as many times. But now, the fine is record. Even if you think it’s a lot of money, surely you, like me, would have fined him much more.

He has been fined one billion three hundred million dollars (one thousand two hundred million euros) by European Union regulators for mishandling user information, and has been ordered to suspend the transfer of user data. users in the EU to the United States. It seems like little money and really for what it bills, it is. It is probably what he manages to earn in a few months. But this goes beyond. It is a wake-up call and above all you are required to suspend data transfers. Something that is going to generate him not earning a lot of money in the medium term.

It is a record figure, not because the amount is high in terms of Facebook but because it is in terms of the sanctioning body, It had never reached that amount before. It has surpassed the almost 800 million that it imposed on Amazon.

Facebook has defended itself by saying that it is unfair and defenseless and that it creates a bad precedent for other companies that transfer information from the EU to the US. We assume that it will be like that, but my data is private and they are not traded. I’m sure Meta is the only one who disagrees.