That Facebook is one of the applications that increased battery consumption causes our iPhone It is something known to all, what we did not know is that he does it on purpose, as a former employee has revealed.

As published by the New York Post in an article, Facebook has intentionally caused its application to consume more battery than it should on both iPhone and Android smartphones. So that? It seems to be in order to see how low battery impacts your app’s performance. Not only that, you have also deliberately made the app malfunction in order to assess the impact that this has on the users’ habits with your app.

Facebook can deliberately drain the battery of smartphones, according to a former employee. The practice, known as “negative testing,” allows tech companies to drain the battery of their users’ phones in order to test some functionality of their app under these conditions, such as how fast it runs or how long it takes to download an image.

“I told my superior that this could harm users, and his response was that by harming some we helped many.” These are the statements of a former Facebook employee, Hayward, 33, who has denounced him in court federal government in Manhattan for being fired from the company in November of last year for not wanting to participate in these “negative tests”

Hayward claimed thate refused to participate in these rather questionable practices of Facebook because it could cause significant damage to some users. An iPhone without a battery cannot notify emergency services in the event of a fall or traffic accident, or it can cause not being able to make important calls that can have unforeseeable consequences for many people. Facebook at the moment has not declared anything about it.