Fancy spheres? So you can put them on your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has become the ideal complement for the iPhone on a day-to-day basis due to its synchronization and integration between both devices. These incorporate in each generation a series of spheres or new wallpapers that allow you to customize the device to your liking. However, in this post we tell you how add new faces to your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch and its dependence on the iPhone

Despite the fact that the Apple Watch is a device external to the iPhone and that they can be purchased separately, the dependency on the Watch in the entire process is evident in many actions, for example, to install a beta on the Watch it is necessary to have the same version on the iPhone. Therefore, if you want to add one of these new spheres, it is important that you have your iPhone and Apple Watch on hand at all times.

Steps to install new spheres

The application with which we are going to be able to choose premium brand spheres is called Clockcology, which is a completely free application that will allow you to give the Apple Watch a much more personal and differential aspect from the rest. The process is the following:

  1. Download the application of Clockcology.
  2. You have to download a folder and we leave the link below where many very high quality third-party spheres or layers are included.
    1. Download link:
  3. On the iPhone, we go to the file folder where this new folder is located. Click on it and move the Clockcology folder through the copy option. then you have to unzip the file and inside the folder you see all the spheres available.
  4. Before continuing with the process, it is advisable to verify that we have the App downloaded on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch and if we have synchronization activated between both devices.
  5. We return to the Clockcology application and We open the App.
  6. Next you have to go to the binder what have you previously uncompressed and in the spheres available You choose the sphere that you like the most.
  7. Once chosen, you hold down the sphere. Right after that, a pop-up window appears where you press the option to “Watch Sync” and we press synchronization.
  8. Paw to finish, you have to go Apple Watch Settings and in the screen options press the option of 70 seconds. In addition, in this same window you have to activate the option of “Activate after one hour”. This last activation must also be done in the Clockcology App.
  9. In the sphere, we click on it and verify that you have activated the option «Star Stay Alice«.

Can I further customize these spheres?

You can take these spheres one step further and customize to your liking. To do this, you have to go to your iPhone and if you press and hold on a sphere, a window appears and you press the “edit” option. In it you can modify the layers that you deem appropriate. However, it is highly recommended to always remove the last layer of the spheres.

It is important to note in this post that if you liked the work that the creator of said sphere has done, you can make a donation as a reward for their work done. In addition, as it is an external App, the battery may last less because this App may consume more resources.

Leave us in comments if you change the face a lot on your Apple Watch and what face would you use if you use the Clockcology App