Like every year, Apple already has the design of the dial and the strap that commemorates Pride Day 2023. Although it is usually in mid-May when it is known and made public by the company, due to a programming error and to the ability of two network users, it has been possible to achieve what the design will be like with a few weeks in advance. As can be seen in the photograph, Apple recovers the rainbow flag to which it is added a series of very colorful geometries as well.

Normally in mid-May, Apple releases to the public the announcement of what the design of the sphere and the strap will be for the Apple Watch. on the occasion of pride day which is celebrated in the United States in June. That is when it is put up for sale and an update is released to be able to install the sphere that is consistent with the strap or vice versa. But this year, thanks to the users @Aaronp613 and @nicolas09F9, could be found out in advance.

These users have used an error in Apple’s backend, that is, in the logical process of how Web pages are created and it has been possible to extract the designs of both the sphere and the strap. Of course, it must be borne in mind that Apple does not launch a single commemorative strap, but it certainly seems that this year it will be the one we see. A strap with a series of geometric figures that simulate small pills and that are accompanied by the same shapes on the dial and As we see in the image, they look like they move across the screen once we press the sphere or when we wake it up.

Soon we will be able to have them with us.