Filters what the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be like

The iPhone 15 has not yet been presented and there are already rumors and leaks about everything that can arrive in a year and a half, that is, with the iPhone 16. This shows the great interest of the public in this device, so if you You also want to know the latest on the iPhone 16 Pro Max, keep reading that we will tell you about it in this post.

Apple rumor mill is a world that is always in constant motion and hustle, which shows the great interest in all its products. However, there is one that always takes the vast majority of looks, clicks and everything that can generate around it, it is the iPhone. A very good proof of this is that right today, May 23, they are already talking about what the iPhone 16 Pro Max could be, when in fact there are still more than 3 months left for Apple to present and launch all the iPhone models on the market. iPhone 15.

The screen of the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be bigger

One of the first news that has been known of the Pro models of the iPhone 16 is that Apple would have to increase the size of its screens. Currently the Pro model has a 6.1-inch screen and the Pro Max model amounts to 6.7 inches. This hypothetical change would mean that the Pro model would then have 6.3 inch screen and the Pro Max model to 6.9 inch screen.

The reality is that this is nothing more than data, since in the end, until you have the device in hand, you cannot get an idea of ​​how big it will be. Well, that is what can be verified in a filtered image in which, in theory, iPhone 16 Pro Max CAD model shown. In addition, it is shown right next to the CAD model of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, so that the difference in size between these two products can be seen.

16 pro max

The reality is that seeing one device side by side the growth that it will entail if this finally ends up happening is really considerable. However, the growth of the iPhone screen also implies that there are other parameters or aspects of the equipment that change. The first of them is the comfortand it is that the Pro Max model is already a device that, currently with a 6.7-inch screen, is already uncomfortable for many users who see it as too large, betting on the 6.1 inches of the Pro model that are considered for the great ideal, so it will be necessary to check to what extent this change in the hand ends up being noticed and, above all, it can affect the comfort of using these devices.

Another point that will also vary, and in this case it is undoubtedly for the better, is the autonomysince in the end larger batteries also enter larger devices, which will increase the autonomy of both models, something that all users, without exception, will like.