Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are coming to your iPad today

One of the most anticipated moments for many iPad users is about to happen, and as Apple announced, today is the day that the most popular Apple professional apps finally arrive on the iPad. If you want to know all the necessary information to be able to enjoy Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro in this way, keep reading that we will tell you everything.

The iPad is a device that, of course, stands out for its versatilityhowever, has always lived and lives in an eternal comparison with another of Apple’s star products, the Mac, and this is because the Cupertino company has also equated it in some way to this device on many occasions. The reality is that, at least for now, the iPad is not a Mac nor does it look like it will be, but it is true that both computers can do similar tasks and even meet the same needs.

About two weeks ago Apple announced one of the biggest changes to the iPad, and that is that many users will finally be able to work with two applications made for professionals that, until now, have only been available for Mac, such as Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. This announcement, as we say, is historic, because it will cause many users to really put the Mac aside and use the iPad to work, with all the advantages and disadvantages that this can have, because let’s remember, the iPad is not a Mac, nor pretend to be.

After a few days of waiting, the moment in which users will be able to install these apps on their iPad is really close, and that is Apple chose May 23 for its launch, that is, today. At the moment it is not very well known at what time of the day Apple will allow users to download these apps, but of course the interest and desire of users to be able to enjoy them are noticeable.

Price of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad

There are two factors that you have to take into account if you want to install Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro on your iPad, one of them is the price that you will have to pay, which we will talk about right away, but another one that is also very important is the compatibility of these apps. with different iPad models.

final cut pro ipad

In the case of Final Cut Pro, only those users who have a iPad with M1 or higher will be able to install this application, while Logic Pro requires a iPad with an A12 Bionic chip or better. The case of Final Cut Pro is something that could be foreseen, since in the end it is an application designed for professional use that requires a lot of power and performance.

That said, let’s go with the prices, which you also have to take into account. Whether you want to get Final Cut Pro for iPad or Logic Pro you will have to pay a subscription that costs 4.99 euros per monthOr, if you want to save some money, 49.99 euros per year. Of course, Apple offers all users a 1-month trial, so initially you will not have to pay anything, having that month to be able to use the apps and check if it is really worth paying to use them.