Finally Apple will not present it at its next event

There are many rumors talking about what can or cannot be presented at the next WWDC to be held on June 5 at Apple Park, and that is that in the end this is going to be a Keynote full of launches, moreover, very varied, since there will be everything, from software to hardware, however, what there will not be is something that had also been talked about a lot. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

Apple’s developer conference is an event in which the company always puts special attention to everything that has to do with softwareIn fact, it is a Keynote in which, in general, there does not have to be a product presentation, since the main thing is always, or usually is, new operating systems in which Apple has been developing for a long time to launch in the month of September or October.

However, there is a product that is inevitably linked to developers, and that is, how could it be otherwise, the Mac. That is why if you look back, in several WWDC Apple has taken advantage of the situation to launch new computers or, failing that, other components that have a direct impact on these, as can be the new processors. Without going any further, the WWDC of 2022 was marked, in addition to the software, by the presentation of the “new” M2 chip and, along with it, the launch of the new MacBook Air, which underwent a total redesign.

Well, many of the rumors indicated that perhaps Apple could follow the same line as last year and present at this approaching WWDC, the new M3 processorsince in addition, it is also rumored that the Cupertino company has in mind to launch up to three new computers in this Keynote. Ming-Chi Kuo has pronounced on thiswho is one of the most prestigious Apple analysts, and has announced that Apple does not plan to launch the M3 in this month of Junebut it will be at the end of the year, since according to its sources, this new processor will enter mass production in the second half of 2023.

The consequences of this non-launch

This news has a great impact on speculation about what could or could not be seen at WWDC, and that is that as we have mentioned before, another of the rumors that has made a name for itself in recent weeks is the possibility that Apple will launch up to three new computers, the 15-inch MacBook Air and the renewal of the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

MacBook Air M2

In the case of the 15-inch MacBook Air, its presentation makes all the sense in the world, since it is an unprecedented product. However, in the other two cases, their possible launch after hearing this news squeaks, since in theory, neither of them is going to undergo any aesthetic modification, so the only change that was expected was just the inclusion of the M3 chip. Therefore, it will be necessary to be very attentive to the next rumors and, of course, expectant to what Apple can carry out in this WWDC that promises to be really exciting.