Finally, the iPhone 15 Pro will not bring solid-state buttons

One of the rumors that has been playing the most in recent weeks was the one that referred to the possibility that the new iPhone 15, in its highest range, the Pro, did not bring fitness buttons. The idea was that the buttons would be solid state with haptic feedback and therefore that would make the terminal thinner and much more waterproof as well as being a small design revolution. However, it seems that everything has gone to ruin because the new news indicates that it is more than likely that this does not happen, for the moment.

The idea was that in mid-September, when Apple put the iPhone 15 Pro on sale, it would no longer have solid-state buttons. In fact, one of the biggest innovations was that the switch that puts the phone on silent would be a new button with haptic response and configurable to indicate with just one press that the phone was in that state of absolute silence.

However, the new rumors deny all this and indicate that due to technical impediments, the original idea has become borage water or, what is the same, nothing at all. It is assumed that Apple this year will not launch that iPhone 15 Pro with a new design and that it will therefore keep the same as the current models and those of past years. They allude to hardware problems and therefore, since we are not in the most advanced phase of its development, the company is still in the phase of changes without problems.

The rumor has been launched by one of the most prestigious analysts, Ming Chi Kuo, states, that according to new reports, we will continue the same and that there is no scheduled date to see those changes. Now, we do not know if the price will be maintained despite these drawbacks.

Like all rumors we will have to wait to see if they are confirmed, either officially or waiting for WWDC.