Fingerprint unlock thanks to the new action button on the iPhone 16?

That is why Apple would be working a lot on a renewal of this button for the iPhone 16, with quite a few rumors that would make it something totally new, if confirmed. Among them, some of the ones we are going to see now.

What will the iPhone 16 action button be like?

There are many rumors surrounding this new button that Apple presented to us for the first time half a year ago. There are no confirmations as such, however, we do know that its renewal will be very interesting, and that its function will not be similar to the current one, which has not been very successful.

Among these new features we can think of something that many have requested for years, and that is the return of TouchIDwith a fingerprint sensor that, in addition to functioning as a function button, would help us pay and unlock our phone without the need for FaceID or another method.

And this characteristic would not be far-fetched, since rumors also tell us that this button could work as a TrackPadbeing able to lower or raise the volume, zoom, and other options, by touch, without having to press, so incorporating a fingerprint sensor would be something very simple that even current 100 euro Android phones have in that place. .

In turn, like AirPods, we could change songs, pause it or open another application using touches or gestures, without having to press the button itself. And this would not mean that it could continue functioning as it has until now, they would only be extra options to what we know today.

Be that as it may, it seems that this button is not going to be that, simply a button, but that they are going to include quite interesting new features, and together with the renewal of Siri and AI, it could be that feature that they sell us in the future iPhone 16 , since other much larger changes are not expected. So, if we did, we would see something really renewed and useful.

iPhone action button

Since the release of the iPhone X, many people have requested the return of TouchID, and why not? The truth is that I love FaceID, but there are situations where this form could be more comfortable, and having both would be ideal, although we know that Apple does not like these things, and the probability of it happening is remote, but yes They are looking for a real change, that could be it.

And you, have you tried the action button on the iPhone 15? Is it useful to you or have you not used it for anything yet? If there is this famous renewal, what would you like it to include? And if it really does If the fingerprint sensor were to be incorporated again, would you use it or do you think it has already gone out of fashion? Leave us a comment with your opinions about it.