Fitbit Pay Has Competition From Gpay

Since Google paid Fitbit $2.1 billion more than two years ago, there has not been significant product integration between the two businesses’ offerings. This fall, it seems, that will change. In addition to a sleek Fitbit connection on the incoming Pixel Watch, it appears that the anticipated Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 may also integrate with Google Wallet.

According to 9to5Google, Google Wallet, which includes Google Pay, is reportedly adding Fitbit smartwatch functionality in the most recent version of Android’s Play Services. This contains a brand-new menu with visuals that resemble a Fitbit smartwatch. Additionally, the photos are identified as “Fitbit watch illustrations.” 

Fitbit Pay Will Be Joined By Google Pay

However, it is unclear whether Google Wallet would completely replace Fitbit Pay or if it will serve as an alternative, similar to how Samsung smartwatches currently let users download Google Wallet. 9to5 According to Google, there may also be a way to integrate Google Wallet with Fitbit Pay in order to make the service available for earlier watches.

Google Assistant is now the only functional link between Fitbit and Google on the wrist. The only virtual assistant available on Fitbit devices prior to the Versa 2 was Alexa. After Google acquired Fitbit, Google Assistant was subsequently made available on Versa 3 and Sense. Fitbit devices were among the first wearables to provide a choice of two digital assistants as a result. The decision to include Google Assistant on Fitbits was simple. Fitbit gadgets already had Alexa on them. Google would never allow its greatest opponent in the field of digital assistants to be the only choice on one of its devices. But the decision to include Google Wallet could spell Fitbit Pay’s demise.