The arrival of iOS 17 has brought new features to the AirPods Pro that you should know about and here we not only explain what they are but we also teach you how to use them to enjoy these fantastic headphones.

If you updated your iPhone to iOS 17 and you have AirPods Pro 2, or you are thinking about buying wireless headphones and you are not sure if it is worth paying the price of Apple headphones, this video will interest you a lot because you may not know everything that these wonderful AirPods can give, which are not the ones that will offer you the best sound for that price (although it is good sound), but they Without a doubt, they are the ones that will give you the best additional functions.. Do you know everything that AirPods Pro offer you in iOS 17?

Update AirPods Pro 2

Updates on AirPods work automatically, there is nothing you can do to force the update. The new firmware is downloaded when the headphones are not in use and are charging, so If you have had them for a long time, you have probably already updated them to the new version.and if you just bought them and they are not updated, you will just have to leave your iPhone near them, put them on charge and have a little patience until they are updated.

The latest version available for the AirPods Pro 2 at the time of writing is 6B34. The version of your AirPods can be seen in their settings. To do this, open the lid of the case, or put them in your ears, and wait for them to connect to your iPhone. Then go to your iPhone settings and at the top you will see a specific section for your AirPods.. Entering there you have all their settings, and at the bottom you will be able to see the firmware version they have installed. Remember: your iPhone needs to be updated to iOS 17 for AirPods to update.

New functions

With the updated AirPods Pro you can enjoy these new features, all of them explained in the video:

  • Adaptive Sound: an intermediate option to ambient mode and noise cancellation, one of the most interesting improvements of this update and for me the mode in which I always use them.
  • Mute microphone during calls
  • Custom volume that varies based on ambient noise
  • Conversation detection that changes the volume of what you hear when you talk to someone
  • Faster, more customizable automatic device switching