Five reasons why you have to have an Apple ecosystem

Seamless integration between devices

One of the main advantages of having an Apple ecosystem is the seamless integration between devices. If you have an iPhone, an iPad, and a Mac, for example, you can send and receive messages, phone calls, and emails on all your devices.

You can too share Easily connect files, photos and documents to each other with AirDrop or Mail Drop, without the need for cables or USB drives. Likewise, how many times have we said that this product is better than the others because it is within the Apple ecosystem? Specifically, products like the HomePod or AirPods have exceptional quality, but they are above the rest in connection with their linked devices.

consistent user experience

It is true that Apple has been a bit stagnant in terms of innovation for some years, being a problem that most companies have encountered. However, where Apple is unrivaled and remains far ahead of the rest is in terms of user experience not only in its main operating systems, but in all the products of the technology company. The proof of this is that you find many similarities and it’s very easy to go from a Mac to an iPad, and from an iPad to an Apple Watch.

That experience extends to Apple services due to the fact that most of the applications and services of the brand have a Interface similar user, which facilitates navigation and use of them.

security and privacy

Apple is known for its focus on security and privacy of its users, being one of the company’s standards. All apps have to pass Apple’s security and privacy criteria, which reduces the risk from installing applications that may cause malware or virus exploits on their devices.

Privacy, that's Apple

One more proof of safety is that the information is encrypted and stored on your devices, which means that the information stored on your devices is protected and cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties, not even Apple.

Quality and durability

Apple devices are known for their quality and durability, not just for the update support they receive for at least 5 years on iPhones and six or seven years on Macs, so when you buy an Apple device, you recover every cent of the investment, because they work perfectly from the first day to the last day you use it. You’re more likely to stop using your Mac because you need more hardware features than switching drives because of a bad user experience.


The useful life of your devices is not only due to Apple hardware and software, since they incorporate high quality materials on your devices, which means they are resistant to scratches and breakage.

Access to a wide variety of applications and services

Finally, another reason why you should consider having an Apple ecosystem is access to a wide variety of applications and services. Apple’s App Store has a large number of applications, from games to productivity tools.

Along with this, we find Apple’s own services such as Apple Music or Apple TV +, two subscription services of enormous quality, rivaling the large companies in the sector such as Spotify or HBOMax.