Five tricks to take better photos with your iPhone

If you’re new to iPhone or have recently refurbished your device, you know that the quality of the camera of the iPhone will allow you to take photos like a true professional. For this, there are many apps on the app store that allows you to get the most out of the lenses, however, from the own iphonethere are also very interesting solutions for this and that we are going to see next.

Adjustments to take better photos

It is important to note that not all functions that we are going to discuss are not available for your iPhone, especially if you have an iPhone that has been on the market for several years because many functions come from the point of view of hardware and, from the softwareYou already know that not all the news are available for all compatible devices.

semi-pro settings

One of the most interesting adjustments when taking professional photographs is through the adjustment of lens correction, and available for iPhone 12, 13, and 14, which adjusts lens correction for photos taken with the front-facing camera or ultra-wide-angle camera for more natural-looking results. The lens correction is enabled by default. To turn it off, go to Settings, Camera, then turn off Lens Correction.

iphone lens

Among the commented generations, we also have the possibility of turn scene detection on and off. This function allows you to identify what you are taking a photo of and apply a custom effect to highlight the best scene qualities. Scene detection is enabled by default. To turn it off, go to Settings, Camera, then turn off Scene Detection.

In-camera settings

A section that many users are unaware of is the focus lock, and that allows us to highlight the object of study. To do this, we have to press and hold the section that we want, keep your sharpness and blur the rest of the elements that make up the images. Along with this, if you want to Zoom in on a photo, avoid joining or separating two fingers on the screen to increase or decrease the Zoom, otherwise it is better to change the Zoom values between 0.5x, 1x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x. For a more precise Zoom, hold down the Zoom controls and then drag the slider left or right.

Photos zoom iPhone 11

Thirdly, another very interesting trick if you are starting to take photos on your iPhone is activate grid, but not only activating the grid to better focus the photos, but also to determine the degree of inclination of the camera and search for the match of the grid. To activate this option, you have to go to Settings and in the cameras, activate grid.

activate grid

Finally, many users take photos with the default format in our camera, generating a photograph that requires post-processing to meet the quality standards we seek. This edit can be useful to improve the image, but with the exception we have lost center stage information because the camera has had to obtain information from all its surroundings. Therefore, before taking the shot, think about what social media format you want to upload it to or the purpose of it, in order to achieve better results.