FlexiSpot BS13, comfort and design for your back

We tested the ergonomic FlexiSpot BS13 chair, which combines elegant and modern design with the latest advances that allow hours sitting in front of your desk not be a martyrdom for your back.

More and more of us spend hours in front of a desk, whether for work or leisure reasons, and this can have undesirable consequences for our back and neck, which is why how we sit and where we are is becoming more and more important. rather, where we sit. It is not the same to sit in a dining room chair than in a stool, or in a chair specifically designed to spend hours in front of the desk, not everything goes. FlexiSpot is a prestigious brand in this office furniture sector, with chairs and desks that adapt to everyone’s needs, and today we are analyzing one of its most innovative products, the BS13 chair, which combines a design worthy of the “IF Design Award 2022” award with the latest advances in materials and ergonomics that will take care of our back (and rear).


seat depth450-510mm
seat width500mm
Height from floor to seat shell440-525mm
Back width430mm
Height of the seat shell to the backrest520mm
distance between armrests490mm
Height of the armrest to the floor620-685mm
Height of armrest to seat shell195 – 255mm
maximum weight supported150kg
Inclination angle105°-125°
number of wheels5
Materials3D network
Armrests: PU, PA+30% GF
Seat back: PA+35% GF, PA+30% GF
Seat: PP+15% GF, cotton
Structure: steel
gas spring: steel
Front legs: 360 mm aluminum
Wheels: PU, black
ColorsRed, grey, black

The materials used in the construction of the chair are very diverse, but all of them of the highest quality. From the synthetic fabrics of the back and seat to the plastic of the armrests or structure of the chair, the PU of the wheels that make them slide very silently and without scratching the floor (even if it is made of wood like mine), the aluminum of the plants or the steel of some parts such as the gas cylinder that allows height adjustment. You can see more details of its specifications and materials on the FlexiSpot website.


Like all the chairs that you order online, a huge box will arrive at your house with everything you need to assemble, but in this case, don’t worry, because they have made things very easy for us, something that you can deduce from the moment you see it. that there are barely 8 screws and a single key to tighten them all. Well, rather there are 10 screws, because FlexiSpot has the detail of offering you two extra units in case there is a problem, a detail that many brands should take as an example. The entire unpacking and assembly procedure will only take about 10 minutes.It is very simple and although instructions are included in several languages, including Spanish, you hardly need them to join the few pieces that make up this chair.

Design and ergonomics

Making a beautiful chair is not difficult, making it beautiful and fulfilling its mission of facilitating your work is something else. Yves Béhar, a well-known designer who has worked for brands such as Jabone, Prada, Samsung, Swarovski or Toshiba, has collaborated in the design of this FlexiSpot BS13. His experience in designing office furniture is extensive, and it shows in this product. Accustomed to gamer chairs with those gigantic and striking designs, find a chair that does not look out of place in your living room or that adds a touch of modernity to your office It is appreciated, and this BS13 certainly more than fulfills it.

FlexiSpot chair BS13

But at the same time we cannot forget its functionality, because the objective of an office chair is to make you comfortable. That is why the backrest does not use the classic padding or the plastic materials of other chairs, but a 3D mesh with microperforations that allow your back to breathe perfectly and not sweat in the hottest seasons, but at the same time it is firm enough. so that it rests on its entire surface. at the same time has a curved design that adapts to the anatomical curvature of the backand with the help of the adjustable lumbar support that you can adjust to the height you need, the working posture is the most appropriate that you can find in a chair of this type.

The different configurations that we can adjust to achieve your ideal posture through the levers and rotary controls on the seat contribute to all this. On the right you have the classic height adjuster and a rotating wheel that with one and a half turns allows you to regulate the resistance to the inclination of the backrest. I prefer it to the maximum resistance, I don’t like that as soon as I back down the back gives way, but it’s a matter of taste. What everyone would like is that with just a turn and a half you can go from maximum to minimum, not like the traditional systems that you have to turn, and turn, and turn… To the left of the seat you have two other levers, one that can be pulled out to allow the inclination of the backrest (maximum 125º) or insert to block it. The other lever allows you to move the seat horizontally, so that it is more or less separated from the backrest. The armrests are height adjustable, although you can’t adjust them horizontally, something that wouldn’t have been bad. I advise you to spend a couple of minutes adjusting the different possible settings until you find the most suitable position for you, it’s worth it.

The quality shows, and the comfort too

For a few months I have been using another chair that is not exactly cheap, and I was really happy with it, until I had the opportunity to try this FlexiSpot BS13. That all the chairs are the same is flatly false, and although they are very similar in design, the quality is noticeable from the first moment you sit down. The sound when sitting (or rather, the absence of sound when sitting) is something that surprised me, accustomed to the classic creak of my other chair. the noise of the wheels when you move, the feel of the fabrics, the quality of the finishes… there are many details that make you notice that we are dealing with a premium product, but it is also very comfortable.

One of the doubts I had at first was how I would do without a headrest, because it is rare that a chair of this price does not have one. But I have realized that I have never really used it on my previous chair except for those 10 seconds where you must on when I lean back for a breather. You don’t work with your head resting on the headrest, ever, and I’m not going to take a nap in the chair, so I don’t miss it at all.

Editor’s Opinion

The FlexiSpot BS13 chair is a luxury for our comfort. Top quality materials, a very refined and modern design, and back-tested ergonomics for a product that will allow you to work for hours without problems added to those of your work (because the chair cannot help you there). And all this with a 10-year guarantee, which few manufacturers dare to offer. You can buy it at the FlexiSpot official website for €699.99 (link) and now with a discount code that you can apply on the page itself and that will reduce €150 of your purchase.

BS13 ergonomic chair
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  • modern and elegant design
  • top quality materials
  • Excellent build quality
  • Varied adjustment options


  • Armrests do not adjust horizontally