For Black Friday, iPhone 14 or iPhone 13?

Little by little one of the weekends where we can find more offers of all products is arriving, but especially technological products and the products of the bitten apple are not going to make an exception. Specifically, we refer to black friday and that in the Apple catalog there are two very interesting products that are going to win many offers: the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 and iPhone 14

One of the big setbacks What Apple has had in this new generation of devices is the iPhone 14, which is a device that has very little new compared to the previous generation and even shares the same processor. These specifications, together with the rise in prices due to the current situation, has caused the iPhone 13 becomes a highly recommended device in its market segment who consider that the Pro series has too high features for daily use and are looking for a good phone without having the latest technology.

What are the real differences between the iPhone 13 and 14?

  • Colors: the color gamut is different, which is an interesting aspect, especially since no one wants to have a device that doesn’t like its color. This section is a matter of taste and depends on the price of each product on Black Friday days.
  • Camera: the incorporation of the Cinema Mode, which represents a leap forward in the way of recording video for both amateur and professional users. Inside the camera, we find the second difference in the TrueDepth, which is a front camera with autofocus.
  • Inside of the SOS Emergency system, The iPhone 14 includes the accident sensor, which is very interesting in case we have an accident on the road.
  • With respect to battery and other hardware remaining, it is true that it has a slightly better autonomy and has one more core in the GPU, but in general terms and on a day-to-day basis, you probably will not notice a difference in that aspect.


Which one is worth buying?

In previous posts, we commented that it is not worth moving from the iPhone 13 to the iPhone 14 because only certain users will notice differences with respect to fluidity and better quality of the cameras. However, there are two assumptions in which it is worth making the jump from one device to another:

  • Budget and offer: This option depends to a large extent on the budget you have and above all, the difference in prices between them. The starting point is set by the iPhone 14 and its offer, since the lower the iPhone 14 is, the closer it will be to the base price of the iPhone 13 or even the latter device will drop even further.
  • The iPhone 13 hold the price: There may also be a situation that the iPhone 14 is the one that drops in price and the iPhone 13 remains at its price, so in this situation the iPhone 14 is a better option, especially due to the frequency of updates, support for more years and even if they are similar , there are always small differences such as the cinema mode or a reduced notch, which improves the user experience.

Leave us in the comments if it is worth going from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14.

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