For the same price I prefer the Samsung S24 to an iPhone 15

This team could surpass the iPhone 15who would also be the cheapest among the latest from Apple, and who offers us the dispute between both brands, since they would have a similar price, but… which of them is more profitable to purchase?

For €900, an iPhone 15 or an S24?

And the thing is, we could argue between the top versions such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, however, in the low range, which is what we will analyze now, for me there is a clear winner, no matter how much I It's hard to say, and it's Samsung.

First of all, what we have already mentioned, its pricewhich is around 900 euros in both cases, however, as a RRP the iPhone is even about 50 euros more expensive, in addition to the fact that we all know that at the offer level, Apple devices are much more difficult to find, so that the Korean brand would have already won this first point on the same day of departure.

Continuing with its characteristics, and leaving aside the operating system and personal tastes, we have the cameras, in this case we all know that Apple does not include the telephoto lens in its basic versions, and, therefore, we only have 2. The difference is says Samsung who, despite being the “small” range, presents us with its S24 with 3 camerasincluding that third one that iPhone does not have.

At the level of screen, while in the iPhone 15 we have 6.1 inches and 2,000 nits of brightness, in the Galaxy S24 we go to 6.2 inches and 2,600 nits of brightness. Of course, in pixels per inch Apple wins 460 compared to 416, so, despite having a better resolution, the screen is smaller and less bright, here the tastes and preferences of each one would come into play, yes, that of Samsung has a 120Hz refresh ratecompared to the 60 Hz of the iPhone, so the balance is clear.

With respect to processorComparisons will have to be made, since they make different brands, although the Samsung one has 8 GB of RAM, compared to the iPhone's 6 GB of RAM (even though we all know that Apple manages it better) and both have the same storage options. storage. So we could leave it in another tie for now, despite the fact that the Korean brand places a lot of emphasis on its new processor, which would have great features related to generative artificial intelligence, something that on Apple's part we will have to wait for the next model.

Galaxy S24

As to battery, 3,877 vs 4,000 mAh, Samsung winning. Of course, we will have to see who manages it better, not everything is about size. Although the basic iPhone is not characterized by having good autonomy, unlike its older brother.

In summary, we have a new Samsung device, the S24 that, for less money than an iPhone 15, we will have better features, and except for the operating system and tastes, there is no point in which Apple is superior. And a fanboy of the apple tells you. So we will have to wait to see more real comparisons, but, if you have 900 euros, start thinking that it is possible that Samsung ends up being the one chosen in relation to quality and price.