For these reasons I have decided to stop using Duolingo

However, despite its usefulness, especially for beginners, the application also has its limitations. After using the application for more than 85 years in a row, I have decided to put an end to using the application on my iPhone, below I will explain the reasons.

Duolingo the most popular application to learn languages ​​on the iPhone

Duolingo has earned the love of millions of users by offering the ideal branched platform for language learning. Its structure facilitates the gradual learning of vocabulary and also grammatical rules. Its branched way of functioning encourages daily practice, transforming study into an attractive and often addictive activity.

Obligation or true motivation?

The streak or «streak» is one of the key components of the application. This system, designed to encourage consistency, records the number of consecutive days that a user dedicates themselves to the study of one or more languages. At first glance, this mechanism seems to be a very good way to generate motivation, encouraging it to be practiced daily. However, this may not be the case as the line between genuine motivation to learn and the stress of maintaining a streak in the application is very fine.

My own experience with the app demonstrates this duality between motivation and obligation. At first, each Duolingo session filled me with motivation and I admit that at first I paid more attention to the explanations.

However, as the weeks turned into months, the obligation to “complete the streak” began to outweigh my intrinsic desire to learn. In addition, the application knows how to do very well to keep you “hooked.” The app's daily notifications became a kind of demand, a reminder of a pending task rather than a learning opportunity in my daily life. The pressure to maintain the streak outweighed the learning itself and sometimes I found myself doing the daily lesson without motivation and wanting to finish to increase my streak, just like that.

Technology for good and bad

Reflecting on this experience, I realize the importance of finding a balance between using digital tools for learning. Undoubtedly, gamification has the power to engage and motivate in the learning process but the reality is that this is not enough, it can also divert our attention from what is essential: enjoying learning, learning.


Although the intention of the application and its approach are not bad, for now I am going to take a break from Duolingo. Maybe in time I'll come back and take it a different way, or maybe the app itself will create a section where users can practice on a “no streak” itinerary where they feel less pressure of having to complete daily lessons every now and then. Yeah. Letting go of my streak Duolingo It is, for now, a liberation.