Free apps to scan with iPhone

Converting physical paper documents to PDF format is essential for easy storage and better management of the documents we work with every day via email. Scanner apps use the iPhone camera to scan a variety of documents, such as handwritten notes, tables, images, and printed text, so today we're going to look at free iPhone scanning apps.

Today we will look at the best free apps for scanning with iPhone and iPad to serve anyone looking to digitize their paper documents. Let's check its features and choose one to use. Go for it!

Scan with these free apps from your iPhone:

It's a rarity to find a partner with a printer, let alone a scanner. As technology evolves, it seems that the scanner is going the way of the fax machine, slowly falling into oblivion.

It is true that we can still use some “locutorias” or stationery stores where we can do this task, but perhaps it is better to be able to do it from home, with your mobile device, quickly and efficiently.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro

One of the least popular programs on this list may be Scanner Pro. But don't let this fool you, it also has excellent PDF scanning capabilities. One of the best features of this app is that users can scan multiple pages at a time of any document they need.

In addition to this, there is integration with iCloud, Apple's cloud storage service. Which allows users to make backup copies of their files. It's also very easy to share files with this app, as it supports email, Dropbox, and iCloud, as I said. Although Scanner Pro is not comparable to Lens or Adobe Scan, it has its advantages that make it a good scanner app for iPhone.

You can find it for free in the App Store.

Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner (AppStore Link) Scanner Pro: PDF Scanner (AppStore Link)

JotNot Pro


If you are looking for an app that also works as a scanner and fax machine, look no further JotNot Scanner is for you. It is true that the application has been around for a while, but it works perfectly and its free version allows us to scan documents, receipts, business cards… and convert them into electronic format.

Like other apps, JotNot uses image processing technology to remove unnecessary shadows and correct contrast. It also comes with its own camera stabilization feature for even better image quality. The OCR isn't the best, but if you have a clean image and printed text, it should work at an acceptable level.

The app enjoys a 4.9 rating on the iTunes App Store with over 450 ratings. While it doesn't offer some of the fancier features of other options on the scanning app list, its ability to send digital faxes directly from the app makes it a very useful tool to consider.

JotNot Scanner Pro (AppStore Link) JotNot Scanner Pro (AppStore Link)

Tiny Scanner: PDF Scanner App

As one of the new additions to the document scanning application market, TinyScanner is gaining a multitude of followers, for its smooth operation and some of its top functionality. The app offers cloud storage integration, faxing, image editing and password protection at an affordable price, although there is no checkout required.

Instead of offering endless menus of controls, the app uses a few simple sliders to help you improve the quality of your scan and get great results.

While there is a free version, it limits you to emailing your scans and only allows a few scans before asking you to upgrade. Jumping up to the paid version of the app improves scanning quality, offers slightly better image optimization options, and more export options when creating PDF files.

One area where this app still falls behind others is the lack of post-processing. While most apps will now adapt settings automatically, you should adjust the settings before capturing the image to get the most out of your scans with TinyScanner.

The app has a 4.75 star rating with over 290,000 reviews and over 10 million installs. If you're looking for a good mobile scanning app with an easy way to adjust captured images, Tiny Scanner uses one of our favorite approaches on this list. The collection of sliders and buttons makes it easy to mark up results without having to jump through menu after settings menu.

Tiny Scanner: PDF Scanner App (AppStore Link) Tiny Scanner: PDF Scanner App (AppStore Link)


Free apps to scan with iPhone

Another tool that you can install on your iPhone is Prizmo. This PDF scanner is not limited to saving files as documents, it can also save them as images in JPG and PNG formats. Additionally, scanned files are converted to editable files for quick editing. Perhaps one of its most notable flaws is that the scanner sometimes confuses some characters with others. On the other hand, this can be fixed with a future update, so there is no need to worry. After all, this rarely happens, so the reliability of this PDF scanner for iPhone is quite high.

Prizmo is the most capable scanner app for iPhone and iPad that lets you create stunning scans of documents and process business cards from photos, all wrapped in a sleek and intuitive interface.

Prizmo comes with powerful editing capabilities as well as high-precision OCR to extract text from images. Rich export options make it possible to generate beautiful PDF files, image files, or even Microsoft Word documents that preserve the layout.

Lastly, Prizmo allows you to save time by using advanced automation capabilities, including Apple's Shortcuts app. It also provides comprehensive accessibility features with VoiceOver, as well as deep iOS integration with iCloud, iPad multitasking, and smart extensions.

The app is free, and once again you can find it in the App Store.

Prizmo 5 › Pro Scanner (AppStore Link) Prizmo 5 › Pro Scanner (AppStore Link)