Freeing up space in iCloud is that easy

The fight of the users with the storage space is something that is the order of the day, and it is that either with the iPhone’s own space or with the one you have contracted in iCloud, in the end everything ends up filling up and the need for cleaning. Therefore, in this post we will tell you how you can do it to free up storage in your iCloud account.

Every user who buys an Apple device, be it a Mac, iPhone or iPad, account completely free with up to 5 GB of free iCloud storage, a really insignificant amount, since with the amount of files that are moved today, those 5 GB last for a few free hours, even more so considering that this storage space is usually used to be able to put except for the photographs or videos that are taken with the device, a device that increasingly has better lenses, and as a consequence, making the photographs and videos increasingly weigh more and, therefore, take up more space.

Therefore, this need to free up iCloud storage space is really coming soon. In these cases it is really easy to release it, since in the end only 5 GB have been occupied, the problem comes when what has been filled is the contracted iCloud spacethat there, at least 50 GB that must be analyzed and see what to delete.

Steps to free up storage space in iCloud

Actually, the steps you have to follow to be able to free up storage space in iCloud are really simple, and fortunately, Apple has made everything really accessible so that this process does not become torture for users. Next we leave you the steps that you have to follow on your iPhone or iPad to be able to do it.

  1. Open the app Settings.
  2. Click on your account user iCloud.
  3. Click on iCloud.
  4. Now click on “Manage account space”.
  5. In case you have configured «In family» You will be able to check the storage space that the rest of the members are occupying, followed now by the apps with which you are occupying storage space.
  6. Once you have identified what is consuming space in iCloudwhat you have to do is either free it up by removing certain items or, in case you need it, expand the iCloud storage space.

iCloud storage

Usually what takes up the most storage space are the photographs, videos and also the Backups that are carried out over time. However, it is also good to review messaging apps such as Apple WhatsApp or Telegram Messages itself, since they are applications that also tend to take up a lot of storage space in the cloud.

In the event that the iCloud storage is shared “In Family”, you can check the space that each member of the family is using if you click on “family use«, in this way you will also be able to identify if there is a member that is consuming more than what is established, however, what you will not be able to do is see which apps are the ones that are consuming more space for him or her.