From Android to iPhone, so you can transfer your data

In this post we are going to see how to transfer your photos, videos, messages and files from Android to iOS avoiding complex processes thanks to the application developed by Apple and that is in the Play Store called Move to iOS. This transfer is done through very simple steps.

Move to iOS

Let’s break down the steps you have to take to transfer Android data to your iPhone. It is important to note that both devices must be connected to the current and to the same Wi-Fi network. If not, the process cannot be performed.

  1. On your Android device, you have to download the app from “Move to iOS” from the Google Store. It is a free application.
  2. We open the application and accept all the permissions they ask for. Move to iOS to request permissions for contacts, photos, services, files, Google accounts. You have to select the files you want to transfer and a window appears with a question: Allow PASS SMS messages to iOS? Click Allow if you want to transfer that information.
  3. App and data.
    1. A new pop-up appears where you have to select with which you want to transfer the apps and data to this iPhone. you have to press “Transfer data from Android” Click on continue.
    2. Before starting the file migration, you will be asked for a code to transfer data. This code appears on your new iPhone and is the code you have to put on your Apple device.
  4. Once the code has been entered, it will ask us to accept a series of terms and conditions and Let’s select what data we want to transfer from one device to another. In this case, it is best to press all, that is, Google accounts, messages, contacts, photos, videos.
  5. Now it starts to transfer the data. The duration of the project will depend on the number of files you have and the Wi-Fi connection.
    1. In this fifth phase several problems can occur, from the device not being detected, a connection problem or “transfer interrupted”. This means that photos and videos cannot be transferred under the Move to iOS app. In general, these problems do not usually occur, since it is an official application and designed for this type of process. To fix this issue, you have to disable these files and transfer them under Third Party Apps.
  6. When the transfer is complete, you have to put the apple id to log in and start setting up your iPhone. We have to adjust the processes of location, Siri, time of use, analysis of iPhone.
  7. Once the process is finished, a new window appears on the home screen that indicates “Add your Android apps from the App Store?” Press accept and these applications are downloaded.

Move to iOS

Move to iOS
Move to iOS

How to transfer my photos and videos from Android to iOS?

If the mentioned problem has occurred during the process, the only solution is to transfer the files from third-party applications. One solution is to use iDrive, which allows you to upload all kinds of multimedia content, create new documents or folders to have a better organization of everything you want to upload. With your .Gmail account, you have access to 15 GB for free. If you want to access more storage, Google One has different alternatives to the free plan such as Google, Google basic and the standard at a very competitive price.

For upload files to google driveyou select the files that you must and in the share button you upload the files from Google drive in the inbox or in a folder if you select them.