A week has passed since the presentation in which Apple presented us with its latest devices. We saw the new iPhone 14, the new Apple Watch, the new AirPods Pro, novelties that made our teeth long and although we already knew a lot about these new devices, Apple did “surprise” us. We knew about the new notch of the iPhone 14, but we did not know how well resolved the Dynamic Island. Apple has done it again, faced with a problem such as the notch, or this new “pill”, they have managed to integrate it perfectly via software. But, and yes we also integrate it in our apps or games… Keep reading that we give you all the details.

You can see it in the previous tweet. This developer is asking for new iPhone 14 Pro users, and it does so because it has developed a new game called “Hit The Island” which is a kind of Ping Pong mixed with Pang in which moving a lower bar to the style of the Dynamic Island, is this, the real one, the one that returns the ball to us and also responds visually to the launch. A very simple game that shows the interest of the developers to also use this new element of the iPhone 14.

It is very interesting that in the end they are the developers who take advantage of these new elementsApple creates them and shows us all their possibilities in iOS and then they are the developers who “it occurs to them” to take it further within their applications. We will see more examples, and many more in the future when this Dynamic Island is the standard on all iPhone screens.