Apple's decision to allow emulators in the App Store is, without a doubt, revolutionizing the world of gaming on the iPhone. There are many of us who find playing retro games very interesting, especially having the ease of doing it at any time, anywhere thanks to iOS emulators. If this is also your case, we are in luck because Gamma, the free PlayStation emulator for iOS, is now available.

Gamma – Game Emulator, which so you can search for it right now in the App Store, was included just two days ago and is capable of emulating the games of the original PlayStation. Also, if you are already familiar with other iOS emulators like Delta, you will see that the interface is very familiar. It also allows you to customize the controls, the emulator's own skins and even (and this is the best of all) We can use it with external Bluetooth controllers or keyboards.

Has support for Google Drive and Dropbox so that we can save the progress of the games and to load the ROMs from there as long as we have the original game. That is, cloud services have become our new Memory Stick. Besides, It does not require BIOS files to run the emulator.

PlayStation, welcome to iOS. Re-welcome to our lives.