Get around town? It has never been so easy thanks to Apple Maps

In 2012, Apple introduced Apple Maps, the simile of Google Maps that aims to make it easy to move anywhere by following the instructions on your iPhone. However, with iOS 15, those from Cupertino made a complete revolution in their application to provide the user with better features and characteristics. Therefore, in this post we are going to answer one of the most important questions if you live in a city: How to use the App to move through public transport?

Update to iOS 15 if you haven’t already

It is important to remember the Importance of having iOS 15 or later installed, such as iOS 16, since if you do not have this version of iOS installed you will not be able to have the new features, functionalities and redesign of the App. If you do not have iOS 15 installed and you have an iPhone 7 or later, in the Settings window, click on update of Software and enter your verification password. Next, the update process to the penultimate version of the iPhone Operating System begins.

Use public transportation with Apple Maps

If you already have iOS 15 on your iPhone, you have to turn on location and then go to the Apple Maps app. After that, you have to perform the following steps:

  1. Write the place where you want to move.
  2. You slide up the lower window where the option to “go” appears and a vehicle by car. Click on it and choose the option «Public transport«
  3. Choose the shape of transportation that best suits you, that is, you can go by bus, metro or train depending on the proximity of your location.
  4. You select the means of transport that most interests you and the different bus or train lines that run through your city.
  5. To choose one specific routeclick on it and information appears, advances from it, such as the bus line, the place where the stop occurs, the time it takes to travel to it, as well as the time the journey takes.
  6. Press Ok and the route automatically starts to reach the stop.

Get the most out of the Apple Maps app

We are going to see some recommendations that allow you to take full advantage of the native Apple application. First of all, if you want to get more out of the application, you can bookmark this trail so you don’t have to mark the destination you want to go to every day. This option is very important if you commute daily to your job and use public transport.

Second, if you press about him transportation icon, a new window appears that tells you much more information about how you are going to carry out the transport, as well as the stops that you are going to make until you reach your destination. Along with this, you will see information about the time the bus spends at your reference stop to efficiently schedule when to leave your home.

apple map improvements

In this catalog of routes you can find the main bus routes and train and metro lines. Leave us in comments if you use the Apple Maps application to get around in your day to day.