Get the cheapest Apple Watch Series 8 thanks to Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the best times you can find to purchase technological devices at a much lower price than usual. In addition, fortunately, many companies, such as MediaMarkt in this case, start with their offers well before the indicated day, so that users can take advantage of them for a longer time. Well, if you wanted an Apple Watch Series 8, keep reading that this Black Friday you are going to like it especially.

discounts available

The Apple Watch Series 8 will not go down in history for being one of the most acclaimed models by users, and all for two reasons. The first is that the news regarding the Series 7 is scarce and, the second and most important, is that the price of this device has risen compared to its predecessor. However, for this second “problem”, MediaMarkt has the solution, and it is that on the occasion of Black Friday, the Apple Watch Series 8 of both 41 and 45 mm have a great discount, being able to buy it much cheaper than in the Apple Store . Below we leave you their prices.

The prices are those corresponding to the GPS models, that is, those that do not have the possibility of connecting any mobile data card to them so that they are independent of the iPhone. In addition, you have to take into account that they are available in all the official colors, so you can buy the one that you like the most. Below we leave you the different finishes.

  • Midnight
  • star white
  • Red (Product RED)
  • Silver

What can you do with this Apple Watch?

This is the question that many users who have never used an Apple Watch ask themselves. Well, the definition of the Apple Watch we could say that it is a device that, from the outset, will not be able to give you anything you cannot live without, but when you try it and include it in your day to day, it becomes essentialthanks to all the comforts it brings you.

Activity on Apple Watch

First of all, it is an ideal device to be able to keep track of all your daily physical activity. Rings are the perfect motivation to help you push yourself and lead a more active lifestyle. In addition, the Training app and all the applications available in the App Store make things very easy for you to be able to register practically any sport.

Blood Oxygen Apple Watch

It is also the ideal element to be able to manage all notifications that come to your iPhone, not to mention all the functions that you have available at the health level thanks to the different sensors it has. You will be able to check your heart rate, do an electrocardiogram, see the amount of oxygen in your blood and even the Apple Watch will measure your temperature while you sleep, without forgetting the fall detection and accident detection functions, which have already been able to save the lives of many people around the world.