Get the iPhone 13 Pro now at a super cheap price

If you are thinking about buying an iPhone, but you are not even interested in going for the latest model, and you also want to save as much as possible, in this post we present you with an offer that will be very interesting for you. In fact, the iPhone 13 Pro is a very good phone in itself, but this price reduction will make it much more worth it. So if you want to know all the details of this offer, we will let you know. Let’s go there!

Although it is a phone from two generations ago, the iPhone 13 Pro still gives a lot of fight. If we look at its software, it is compatible with iOS 17. And if we focus on its hardware, we have incredible specifications, from which we can get even more performance, since its price does not reach 750 euros. And how is it possible? We see it.

The refurbished iPhone 13 Pro on Amazon is a bargain

This is not a brand new model, but rather a refurbished device. This means that a tune-up has been carried out, and the parts that were failing have been changed, in order to ensure 100% optimal and correct operation. By having this condition, the price is much lower. But in addition, a second factor must be taken into account, which is that it is a phone that has been discontinued from sale on the official website, so it can only be purchased through authorized distributors.

The iPhone 13 Pro 128GB, in Alpine Blue, has a usual cost of 801.90 euros on Amazon. But thanks to the discount we have available, now We can take it for only 739 euros. So we will be saving €62.9, thanks to the 7% discount that has been applied.

If we want to target other colors, the 128GB iPhone 13 Pro finished in Gold also has a price reduction. And in this case, it will only cost us one euro more than the model that we have shown you before, It can be purchased now for only 740 euros. Not bad if we take into account all the specifications that this phone has, and everything that we are going to be able to do with it.

iphone 13 pro

More memory please

If you are clear that you want to go for an iPhone 13 Pro, but you don’t want to limit yourself to 128GB of internal storage space, you’re in luck. The model with the 256GB capacity is also at very interesting prices.

The best example is the Alpine Blue iPhone 13 Pro, 256GB. Usually, its price on Amazon (in refurbished condition) is 889.90 euros. But thanks to the 95% discount, now we can get it for only €809, thus saving €80.90 at once

Buying these phones on Amazon has more advantages

In addition to the price reduction itself, buying these phones through Amazon brings us some advantages that may be interesting to us. The first of them is fast and free shipping if we are Prime customers.

Secondly, if we want to pay more comfortably, we can split the amount over up to ten months at 0% interest, thanks to Cofidis CreditLine. As additional information, these phones are backed by an official Amazon Renewed warranty for one year.