Get the new iPhone every year for little money

Renewing your iPhone every year may seem like a crazy purchase seeing the prices that fluctuate today. However, users who buy their iPhone generation after generation spend much less than users who renew the phone every three or four years. In this post we analyze the advantages of making this change.

Advantages of renewing the iPhone every year

iPhones are devices that have a very high price and that many users cannot purchase annually. However, there is a way to get this equipment at a reduced price. Next we will analyze the main advantages of renewing the device.

  • The constancy of the price: Apple is characterized by maintaining prices throughout the year. That is, the price of the iPhone 14 will remain the same until the same day that Apple presents the next generation of iPhone. Therefore, the economic value of the device is maintained over time.
  • Promotion when acquiring a new device: if you renew your iPhone annually, it is usually accompanied by promotions both on Apple and on third-party platforms. In the case of Apple, you can purchase a year of Apple TV + subscription and in third-party companies the possibility of obtaining Apple One or other advantages when renewing the device. Therefore, renewing the iPhone every year can save on subscriptions.

  • New Apple policy since iOS 16: Apple’s new operating system launched in September includes a delimitation between the different compatible devices. In other words, the iPhone X, despite the fact that it is compatible, does not include all the new features of iOS 16 that the iPhone 14 includes. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the latest versions of iOS, it is advisable to have a new device.
  • Great sale as refurbished: as the price is maintained throughout the year, you can sell the device at a much more competitive price for those users who feel that the mobile phone is a secondary element and do not want to have the latest market news. Selling your iPhone well cared for and with a good battery health allows users to renew the device at a much lower cost than a user who buys an iPhone every several years, losing more value.
  • Improvements in each generation: Every year Apple includes new features that improve the user experience at all levels, from a better processor, new features in the camera to better integration with the Apple ecosystem, becoming a fundamental device in your day to day life.

iPhone 14 Pro

Main problems of renewing the iPhone every year

Not everything is easy when it comes to renewing the iPhone every year, because there are many nuances to take into account, among which it is worth taking care of the device in case you want to sell it and take advantage of all the news that each new generation includes. Two important aspects to keep in mind in case you want to sell the device annually.

  • Complexity to choose a buyer: It is not easy to find a buyer who is willing to pay what the owner asks for and sometimes it can be a very cumbersome process. However, in the Apple Store or third-party stores you can use the Apple Trade service, where they will value the device and if you deliver it, they re-discount its value on the next iPhone. This possibility makes things much easier.
  • If the device is not well taken care of, has suffered a blow or the battery has degraded excessively, it is possible that the sale price will be lower and you will have to make a greater outlay to renew the device.

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