Get to know all the official Apple cases for the iPhone 15 Pro

Before starting, we also want to highlight the types of covers that we are going to show you in this post. You are going to see the ones that are compatible with the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro, but also, within the immense range that we can find for this model, we are going to show you the cases that are official Apple, which can be both buy through the Apple Store as well as in third-party stores.

At this time, and until Apple can present anything else for this phone, the iPhone 15 Pro has four types of cases that bear the official Apple seal. Three of these cases are cases that adhere to the back, and we find the following materials:

  • fine braiding
  • Transparent plastic
  • Silicone

To these three cases, we must also add another type of case, which can be attached directly to the phone, or to the back of the cases that we have mentioned previously. Thanks to the MagSafe magnetic grip system, we have the magnetic wallets.

Although it is not a typical case, it is an ideal accessory for carrying cards or documents, and whose construction material is now fine braiding. Previously, Apple wallets were made of leather.

Are these cases compatible with the iPhone 14 Pro?

In this generation, we have a very similar iPhone 15 pro in terms of measurements, compared to the iPhone 14 pro. However, there are two elements that change, and this is what is reflected in the covers.

On the one hand, the iPhone 14 Pro has the mute switch on the left side, while On the iPhone 15 we now have the new Action Button. The mechanism changes, and is reflected in the construction of the case itself. Where before we had a hollow space to operate the switch, we now have that gap covered in the case of the iPhone 15 Pro cases. So, if we want to place these cases on an iPhone 14 Pro, We will not have access to manage the regulator.

Another hardware element that changes is the physical connection port. In this case, in the iPhone 15 Pro we have a USB type C port. This port is somewhat larger than in the case of Lightning, so the bottom opening of the cases will be somewhat larger. Although it is not a very big impediment, it will not fit with the iPhone 14 pro, leaving this gap more unprotected.

As an additional point, the design of the iPhone 15 itself has changed on the side frames. Where before we had flatter and more pronounced edges, in the case of the iPhone 15 Pro now we have slightly more curved and smooth finishes. So if we are looking for a perfect grip, we are not going to find it with the iPhone 14 Pro cases, due to the finish that the 15 Pro have.

Once we have seen this first element of compatibility, we now move on to see the different types of covers in detail, what colors they are available in and how much each one costs.

Official Apple Fine Braid Cases for iPhone 15 Pro

The first covers that we are going to show you are those that are made of fine braided material. As we have said before, leather is saying goodbye to us, and in its place we have a new, more sustainable material.

The official price of these cases in the Apple Store is 69 euros, and they are available in five different colors. In addition to being able to buy them in the Apple Store, they can also be purchased through third-party stores, so if you want to get one of them, here are some direct links so you can buy them:

The positive point of this case, in addition to protection, is the compatibility with the MagSafe magnetic grip. Although it is not visible to the naked eye, this type of covers incorporates a grip ring inside, in order to maintain connection compatibility with the different types of accessories that are available. So, if we want to charge the iPhone wirelessly or plug in a wireless portable battery, we will be able to do it without any problem, hooking the accessory behind the case.

Official Apple silicone cases for iPhone 15 Pro

Another of the materials that we have been seeing for years is fluoroelastomer. These cases aim to provide comprehensive protection for the device, both on the back and on the sides.

Fluoroelastomer is a very robust and resistant material. In the case of the iPhone 15 Pro, this year we have them available for an official price of 59 euros in the Apple Store. As for colors, we have eight different options, which you can also buy through the direct links that we leave you here:

Again, these cases feature the MagSafe grip on the back. Regardless of whether they are made of fluoroelastomer or fine braid, we will have the same ring inside.

Official Apple transparent case with MagSafe

To the two types of cases that cover the back of the iPhone 15 Pro, another type of case must be added, in case we do not like the colors, or simply want to bring out the new shades that Apple has presented.

In this case we have a case made of transparent plastic, which has a MagSafe grip ring on the back. However, it is visible from the outside and Apple has repeated the same move in terms of design: Instead of hiding it, they have brought it out by giving it a white tone.

As far as the protection of the device is concerned, we again have comprehensive coverage. From the back, to all the buttons, through a tight opening in the USB type C connector and protection on the side edges.

This case is a unique model in transparent color and has an official price of 59 euros in the Apple Store. Of course, you can also buy it from third-party stores.

Fine braided wallet for iPhone

Although it is not an exclusive accessory for the iPhone 15 pro, it is a case that works with this model and, in addition to being a different proposal from the previous ones, it is from the official Apple seal.

In this case, as we said at the beginning, these covers were originally made of leather. But Apple has decided to transition to finely braided material, in order to reduce its environmental impact.

This case can be attached to the iPhone 15 pro in two different ways: Directly on the phone, on the back, or through another of the cases that we mentioned just before, which also have a MagSafe magnetic grip system on the back part.

These wallets have an official price marked at 69 in the Apple Store, and we have the following colors to choose from. In addition to being able to buy them at the Apple Store, you can also get them through other stores. So if you want to buy one of them (or the ones you want):

As you may have seen, Apple has a good range of official cases that bear the company’s seal. Whether you want a transparent silicone case, or you want to enjoy a more premium finish, you will have a case for you. And with the advantage that your iPhone 15 Pro will be protected from all sides.