Get to sell your iPhone in seconds with these tricks

Wallapop is, without a doubt, the leading second-hand sales platform in Spain. A multitude of products of different themes and prices are sold there and Cupertino products were not going to make an exception. Therefore, in this post we are going to see how to generate a good ad on Wallapop to sell your device correctly.

Provides great product information

Wallapop is not characterized by offering great customization when it comes to presenting your products. However, with the existing functions you can make an interesting advertisement that will competition highlights. We present some options below:

iPhone photos and good description

incorporate the greater number of photographs from all possible angles of the product makes the potential buyer see that the product is in good condition. Not only is it important to add photos of the iPhone, but it may be advisable to add photos of the cases, iPhone box, and even the charger. In this way, the user quickly knows how the mobile has been cared for before putting it up for sale.

The description It is also very important, since it shows what the user’s objective is. It is possible that the user wants to sell the iPhone because he wants to buy the new generation or simply wants to recover part of the investment made. In addition, it is recommended that keywords such as “invoice” or if the device still has “warranty”. Offering information to the buyer makes the purchase process much faster and with greater confidence among users.

Choose the type of user

There are users who prefer that the purchase be made through personal care Y not by mail due to the mistrust generated between the parties. It is important to make this clear in the description message indicating “Sale only in person” to avoid sellers from far away from where you live.

Another way to determine what type of user you are looking for in your sale is to determine that if the price is negotiable, partially negotiable, non-negotiable and above all, if you are looking for that as part of the purchase is a change between products. Sometimes, there are users who want to sell their current iPhone to buy a new one, so they do not want any change because they are looking for a cheap amount.

side iPhone Pro Max

Purchase process, positive comments and become a Premium user

Many users distrust sellers for fear of being scammed or deceived, since it is a platform where you can find a multitude of users with very diverse intentions. In this case, it is essential to be honest and concise, and provide all the necessary information regarding the productbe it videos of how it flows through the iOS, detailed descriptions, photos with the camera or any section that is related to the product.

Two aspects that generate confidence in the purchasing process is knowing the opinions of other users to see how the deal has been in previous sales. If you have good comments, you know that you are a professional user and people prefer you over a user without a profile picture or comments.


Finally, if you want to sell your iPhone faster, you can get premium user, since you will appear in highlights and with a larger field of view. In this way, it is much easier and faster for you to sell your product and remember, your perception is very importantsince you know the direction the conversation is taking and the intention of the potential buyer.

Leave us in the comments if you have ever sold an iPhone on Wallapop and how the experience has been.