Goodbye Apple ID? Discover the big change that Apple is already preparing

One of the essential elements to use Apple products is the Apple ID. This system has been with us since time immemorial, you could say. And every self-respecting product, no matter how old it may be and that has internet services, needs to have a registered user account. But the Apple ID is not only the key that allows us to use the entire environment. It is also one of the company's most recognizable brands. And it would be about to disappear. Because? We tell you about it in this article!

It was the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors who reported the news. As detailed, Apple's plans involve carrying out a rebranding in which they would stop using the Apple ID brand, which has been with us for more than 15 years. And over the years, whether we like it or not, it has already become part of the language ecosystem that characterizes the company.

However, this rebranding would not be the first that Californians have carried out. Do you remember that there was a time when every Apple product started with i? Where we now have names like Apple Watch, Apple Pay or Apple Pencil, we once had names like iPod, iMessage, iTunes, iPhone, etc. Some of these remnants remain with us today, such as the iMac, the iPhone, iPad or iCloud. But in the case at hand now, it is something different.

Goodbye Apple ID, hello Apple Account

According to the information shared from MacRumors, Apple would already be testing the new name of Apple Account, which would replace the current Apple ID brand. In fact, they have been able to learn this information, thanks to it being provided to them by “sources related to Apple”, although they do not give more details about who it could have been.

And when would the Apple ID brand cease to exist? According to what they explain, It would be this same year, 2024, when we would stop seeing the historic Apple ID brand, to start having Apple Account, throughout the entire ecosystem.. In fact, one of the key moments that are speculated is that the new Apple Account name arrives with the new operating systems iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS 15.

The change from Apple ID to Apple Account would not only be reflected on the devices. Also, They explain that it would be transferred to the entire Apple web environment. And what is the reason why Apple wants to get rid of the Apple ID name? Until now, what has been known is that There is no clear or apparent reason for this change. Also, they add that this testing of the name Apple Account could have the same purpose as when they tested names of operating systems such as realityOS or xrOS, which was finally baptized as visionOS, for the Apple Vision Pro.

For the moment, we just have to wait to see what the company's final move will be. We will see if it will be next June, at WWDC. Or, when we reach the months of September or October, with the arrival of the new systems in their final versions for the public.

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