Goodbye to Apple’s ambitious car? What will happen to the Apple Car?

For a decade we have been knowing rumors, news and news about Apple’s future electric car. Patents on the one hand, deals with brands on the other, statements from employees, and even from the company’s CEO himself. However, come 2023, would we be facing “what could have been and will not be”? We tell you everything about the Cupertino electric car, through a compilation of the most important information that we have learned over time, until we reach the month of September 2023.

In a compilation of all the rumors that have arisen about this future product, which have been carried out in the English-speaking media Appleinsider, from here we also want to bring you everything most important.

The “highlights” of everything that has emerged during this decade. But, unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold, and not all is good news. And, in September 2023, the prestigious analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has not been very optimistic about how all this may lead.

The tens

In 2014, the name Project Titan was discovered for the first time, which corresponded to this future electric vehicle. From the same media, Appleinsider announces that “they were informed that Apple was in the process of recruiting engineers for “an automotive project.”

A year later, they explain that “Elon Musk said that Apple had tried to hire engineers from the company (Tesla), offering them a 60% salary increase.”

The first vehicles with radars installed on the streets are beginning to appear. The LiDAR at the top, and in the shape of an X, attracted attention. And it was not until 2017 that the first autonomous driving tests began to occur.

But the rumors were not only fueled by hiring and appearances of cars. They also report that in April 2016, a “secret laboratory” of the company, located in Berlin, was discovered.

To complete the “highlights” of discoveries, in 2019, Apple’s CEO said that they were “rolling the dice” on products that, in words reported in Appleinsider, “would blow us away.” To all this, Cook also said that he had “never been more optimistic” about the company’s direction.

From 2020, until today: Bluff in sight?

Apple patents in the automotive world, innovations for vehicles, purchases of third-party companies, a redesign of the CarPlay interface and signings of other companies, such as the case of Luigi Tamborelli, former Lamborghini executive, are part of what has been happening in the sphere of Apple movements.

An optimism and a trajectory that seemed to take a solid shape, until we reached September 2023, and the prestigious analyst Ming-Chi Kuo would be throwing a jug of very cold water (with ice included), regarding the future Apple Car.

«If Apple does not adapt an acquisition strategy to enter the automotive market, I doubt that the Apple Car can enter mass production in the coming years«, explain from Appleinsider, the words that the analyst published on his profile on the social network X.

apple car

So, this does not show a very hopeful future (in these years) regarding seeing an Apple car, electric and available on the market.

It will be a matter of time before we learn many more rumors and movements from Apple, regarding the launch of the car that many of us are waiting, at least, to see materialize, after a decade in which information has not stopped coming to us.