After 10 years being the best Twitter client for iPhone, iPad and Mac, The creators of Tweetbot announce that they are leaving the development of the application because of the latest decisions by Twitter that, among other things, have ended third-party applications.

What many of us had been fearing since Elon Musk took over Twitter has happened. All the decisions made under the command of its new owner have been worsening the experience of using Twitter, and the icing on the cake has been the unilateral decision and without prior notice to end third-party applications. For no reason and out of all logic, Twitter decided a few days ago to prevent most of the applications that had access to its social network from continuing to work, and the first major application to make the decision to throw in the towel was Tweetbot, but surely it will not be the only one. One of the fixed applications on the first screen of my iPhone will no longer be so, and with this we will have to consider whether it is worth continuing to use a social network that is going from bad to worse. If you were subscribed to Tweetbot you must cancel the subscription, which you can do from your iCloud account settings on the iPhone, in the “Subscriptions” section.

Mastodon takes the flag of the alternative to Twitter. It is an open and free social network that is still light years away from what Twitter came to be, but it has the necessary base to become one, and if great developers like Tapbots bet on it, they will surely be able to give it the push it needs. it needs to grow and achieve a sufficient user base to consider the change. Ivory will be the new application that will be launched shortly to access Mastodon, and they promise that it will be even better than Tweetbot. Changes are always difficult, but from what we have seen, it seems that we will have no choice but to start using Mastodon, because Twitter seems to have taken a path that has no turning back and whose end does not look good.