Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox might be the most widely used web browsers right now. All of them with applications for almost any device and operating system. Safari, as you know, is the default browser for iOS and iPadOS because Apple is its creator. Nevertheless, Google Chrome has become a very good browser for those whose Google account is the center of their day to day. A new update to Google Chrome for iOS and iPadOS incorporates a function by which the browser asks the user if he wants to open external links in incognito mode or not. We’ll tell you then.

Opening external links in incognito mode is now possible in Google Chrome

The incognito mode is essential in the day to day of our web browsing. East google chrome incognito mode It does not save the browsing history in the app, nor the cookies, nor the data of websites nor the information entered in the forms. However, the files that we download are not deleted, nor are the bookmarks that we add while browsing.

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This private browsing mode is available in the Google Chrome app by clicking on the three dots (…) and selecting “New incognito tab”. However, one of the major limitations with this mode was that Even if we were in incognito mode in the background, new external links we opened didn’t open that way. That is why Google has introduced a new feature in its application.

It is a tool that can be activated or deactivated from the Privacy and Security Settings within Google Chrome. A new tag appears at the bottom: Ask to open links from other apps in incognito mode. In this way, when we want to open a link from anywhere in iOS or iPadOS in Google Chrome, we will be asked through a drop-down if we want to open it as a normal tab or under private mode. Update the app now!