There are a large number of services and applications to manage all our documents and photos in a place external to our iPhone or iPad. One of those services is iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage. However, there are many other options such as Google Photos, Google’s service to store images in the cloud and be able to consult them from anywhere. A few hours ago Apple released iOS 16.3.1 with fixes to some major security bugs and apparently Google Photos was shutting down when trying to open the app with this new update. However, from Google they have rushed to solve the error with a new update of their application.

Google Photos already works with the new iOS 16.3.1

iOS 16.3.1 arrived yesterday by surprise and without having any news from iOS 16.4. Many experts say that the betas of iOS 16.4 do not come out because the code would see important leaks of the next devices from the Big Apple, among which are the mixed reality system that will be launched in the coming months. However, there is no need to release iOS 16.4 to fix major security bugs.

That’s why it was launched iOS 16.3.1. Apple’s notes ensure that a series of security holes have been patched, including a WebKit vulnerability through which malicious code could be executed arbitrarily. This has produced the release of the security patch.

However, Google Photos was not working at the beginning of the update rollout. Users of this app were complaining about not being able to access it after upgrading to the new version of iOS. However, it took only a couple of hours for Google to release a new update to its app to bypass the issue that was preventing widespread access to the app. It may have used some of the code that has been revised in iOS 16.3.1. What is clear is that, as has happened with Google Photos, it is very possible that it could happen with other apps, we will have to be vigilant.

Google Photos (AppStore Link)