Google has just hit the table and its AI will be powerful like never before

In an increasingly digital world, artificial intelligence is slowly becoming an important part of our lives, even when we are not aware of it. In this article we tell you what’s new about Bard, the Google assistant, and how this affects Siri’s competition.

Whether to obtain information, organize our tasks or even entertain ourselves, digital assistants have begun to play an important role in our daily lives. Google, one of the main companies in this sector, has just announced an evolution in its virtual assistant with the presentation of “Assistant with Bard.”

The beginning of a new age

Google has announced “Assistant with Bard” along with the launch of their phones Pixel 8 and 8 Pro. While this is just a preview of what’s to come, this evolution of Google’s AI promises to fundamentally change the way we interact with our devices and how they help us manage our digital lives.

The most notable novelty of Assistant with Bard is its ability to combine the generative and reasoning skills of “Bard” with the well-known personalized help of Google Assistant. This means the assistant can offer smarter, contextually relevant answers to users’ questions.

One of the cool new features of Assistant with Bard is what Google has decided to call «Bard Extensions». These extensions allow the assistant to access your email, Google Drive, and Google Docs to answer questions and perform specific tasks. So now you can make requests to Bard like this: “Update me on any important emails I haven’t answered this week” and get a detailed list of the most important messages in your inbox.

This level of integration with your applications and digital services will be very convenient for all users because it will no longer be necessary to open multiple applications or search your inbox to find the information you need; Assistant with Bard will do it for you.

Interacting with AI more naturally

Another highlight of Assistant with Bard is the «conversational overlap», that floats on the screen of your device and accepts text, voice or even image input, GPT chat style we could say. This will mark a major change in the way we interact with the virtual assistant, Bard in this case. It will no longer be necessary to open a pop-up window that covers the entire content of the screen. So this new interface, which benefits from Google’s latest design trends, is seen as a completely new way to interact with your phone, with a more natural and less intrusive approach to getting help from the assistant at any time.

Automated actions

In addition to providing information and answers, Assistant with Bard will have the ability to “take action for you”. This function can be useful to us, for example, if we take a photo of our pet and we want to share it on social networks, we will simply have to activate the Assistant with Bard overlay on the image and ask it to write a post on your social networks. The wizard will use the image as a visual reference, understand the context, and help create a perfect post.

Google’s “Assistant with Bard” announcement marks an interesting step forward in the evolution of digital assistants. In that sense, Apple lovers wonder when Apple will take the initiative on the subject of the virtual assistant to stand out from the competition with Siri.