Google Maps Adds Toll Prices, Apple Watch Updates And More

Google Maps is getting an upgrade on Tuesday that will include toll road costs as well as extra map information such as stoplights and stop signs. A new pinned trip widget and the ability to obtain directions on Google Maps directly from your Apple Watch are among the iOS enhancements.

Before beginning navigation, users will get an estimate of the toll charge to their destination. The local tolling authority will determine the toll prices. Google looks at elements like the cost of using a toll pass or other payment methods, the day of the week, and how much the toll is projected to cost at the particular time you’ll be crossing it to generate the predicted toll price of a journey.

Google Maps Adds More Details

This month, users on Android and iOS will be able to check toll road costs for approximately 2,000 toll roads in the United States, India, Japan, and Indonesia. Google intends to expand this list shortly.

Google is also adding additional elements to the app’s navigation experience, such as traffic lights and stop signs, to make driving on unknown roads less stressful. Building outlines and places of interest will also be upgraded for users.

Google is also releasing new iOS improvements to make it easier to use Google Maps while on the go. Google is releasing a new pinned trip widget for iOS that allows you to view journeys you’ve pinned in your Go Tab from your home screen. Users will soon be able to obtain directions on Google Maps directly from their Apple Watch, according to Google. You won’t have to start your navigation from your iPhone anymore.

You’ll be able to start navigation on your Apple Watch by tapping on the Google Maps shortcut in the Apple Watch app. In a few weeks, the additional capacity will be available. You can also add the “Take me home” shortcut to your watch and then press it to start navigation back to your house.