Google Maps launches search through augmented reality in Live View

Navigation through maps on our device has become more and more common. In fact, it is rare not to go down the street in a big city and not see people looking at the screen of their mobile, guided by the indications of a navigation app. The most used, how could it be otherwise, are Apple Maps and Google Maps. Today we will talk about a new function that has become official a few hours ago: search in Live View of Google Maps through augmented reality, a way to explore the place where we are with just the phone’s camera. Tea

Augmented reality improves search in Live View of Google Maps

live view It is a function that came to Google Maps many months ago. Allows the user navigate the streets of a city directly with the camera of your phone. That is, the application asks the user to scan their surroundings to locate themselves well, and then starts giving directions to a specific place with arrows, signs and dynamic banners on the screen. Always with the camera on and pointing to the street so that Google Maps can capture the images and compare them with your Street View information and generate dynamic and live directions.

Dark mode Google Maps

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A Live View enhancement has just officially arrived on Google Maps. It’s about the search in live view which is nothing more than the signaling of elements, shops, places, restaurants and much more than dynamically within the map itself. In other words, without the need to start a route to any site, we can open the function and search for which restaurants are nearby, the ATMs that are closest to us, hairdressers, etc.

In addition, we can interact with that content. Namely, if we click on one of those places we can obtain information. It also allows you to see the evaluation of the community, its schedule and all the information that we can also consult within the application itself. This function is now available in London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo on both Android and iOS.

Google Maps - routes and food (AppStore Link)