Device storage is limited and this leads users to buy subscriptions to services to store their content or to buy external elements to be able to save it without problems. If what we are talking about is photos, iCloud can be a good option. However, others prefer google photos with integration to Google One, Google’s subscription service that not only gives extra space but also grants exclusive functions in its different services. In fact, Google has announced the arrival of Magic Eraser to Google Photos, with which we can remove any element from an image without us noticing.

Erase any element of an image with Magic Eraser from Google Photos

Google has announced through its official blog the arrival of exclusive functions to Google Photos. These functions can only be activated by those who have an active subscription to Google One. One of the novelties is the tool Magic Eraser, an option that detects distractions in photos such as people or power lines and removes them with just a few seconds of processing. Thanks to a complex Magic Eraser system, it is capable of modifying the color and the mixture of the rest of the photo, achieving a realistic finish.

Widgets come to Google Photos

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This function, Magic Eraser, was exclusive to the Google Pixel. However, the expansion of Google One continues to increase and these exclusive options are supported for all those subscribers on both Android and iOS. Another exclusive function is the hdr effect in the videos, which allows a dramatic and balanced finish, according to Google, thanks to the balance of an under and over exposure.

New exclusive collage templates have also been added to Google Photos and Google has announced that shipments of orders to print will be free if you are a Google One subscriber and reside in the US, Canada, a country in the European Union or the United Kingdom. If you have a subscription and want to enjoy all these benefits, hurry up and update Google Photos as soon as possible.