Great discounts on Apple products thanks to Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is being celebrated both today, October 12, and yesterday, October 11. It is a kind of promotion in which Amazon is able to lower the price of many of the products that are sold through its platform and within all of these, there are also the iPhone and Apple Watch that we bring you in this post with a hefty discount.

Contrary to what the Cupertino company does, which never joins any of these initiatives or the most important sales moments of the year, on Amazon users always have the hope of being able to find some Apple products at a lower price of what they cost in Apple stores. Well, if you add to this that we are in the middle of Prime Day, the offers are guaranteed, and we already anticipate that some are really irresistible.

Discounts on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the Apple product that has the most discounts this Amazon Prime Day, and obviously, among so much opportunity, we could surely find one of those irresistible offers, specifically the Apple Watch SE of 2021, one of the best purchases in relation quality price you can find. The discounts are as follows.

  • Apple Watch SE 2021 GPS 44mm sports strap in abyss color: 279 euros.
  • Apple Watch SE 2021 GPS + Cellular 44mm sports strap in abyss color: 289 euros.

iPhone Discounts

Now, how could it be otherwise, the flagship device of the Cupertino company could not run out of discounts on this Amazon Prime Day. Obviously we are not talking about the new iPhone 14, since it would be really strange, but fortunately, you will be able to find really irresistible offers on last year’s models, that is, the iPhone 13. We leave them to you below.

  • iPhone 13 Pro
    • iPhone 13 Pro 512 GB in gold: 1,339 euros.
    • iPhone 13 Pro 1 TB in alpine green: 1,419 euros.
  • iPhone 13 ProMax
    • iPhone 13 Pro Max 1 TB in gold: 1,499 euros.
    • iPhone 13 Pro max 1 TB in alpine green: 1,689 euros.

As you can see for yourself, they are really competitive prices and that, of course, will make more than one think about buying them, especially considering that the new iPhone 14, the normal ones, have a higher price. to the usual, and also in performance they do not exceed the Pro models of the previous generation. Therefore, the latter, if they also have a great discount as is the case, it may be more worthwhile for many potential buyers of an iPhone to acquire these than the new iPhone 14.

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