Gurman and Kuo do not agree on the HomePod mini 2

Normally when a rumor appears about a new Apple device, successively more from different sources appear, but all directed towards the same idea. What has happened today with the leaks that appeared by Gurman and Kuo about a new generation of HomePod mini they are totally opposite, and that is a novelty.

While the North American says that Apple is not working on any new HomePod mini model, the Korean assures that we will see a second generation of Apple’s small smart speaker on the market. While the former “drinks” from Californian sources, the latter is from Asian manufacturers. Time will tell.

The Korean Analyst Ming Chi Kuo has insured today in his account Twitter that Apple plans to start distributing a second generation of its HomePod mini somewhat smaller than the current one starting in the third quarter of next year. This is what he has learned through the company that will assemble it: Goertek.

Said manufacturer has explained to Kuo that the agreement for the manufacture of the HomePod mini 2 It is the result of compensation for the problems that this company has caused Apple due to the delays in past orders for AirPods Pro 2. So far, one more rumor.

Gurman says there will be no HomePod mini 2

What is surprising is that a few days ago, another well-known leaker, mark gurman, explained the opposite on his Bloomberg blog. It said that Apple is not actively working on any projects related to a new version of the current HomePod mini, but is working on a new type of smart speaker with a screen and cameras, to compete with Google’s Nest Hub Max, Echo Show Amazon and Facebook Portal.

So it’s strange that two of the most reputable Apple leakers say contradictory things. Personally, it sounds to me like the manufacturer Kuo spoke to is right, but what he’s actually putting together isn’t a new HomePod mini, but a new HomePod with screen. So yes, everything would fit. We will see.