Gurman predicts big news for iOS 17: SharePlay, AirPlay, Wallet and much more

Now we are only a week away from the start of WWDC23 and from the presentation of all the news that Apple has in its hands. Remember that it is usually a keynote where the central thing is the operating system. However, more and more often, small spaces are saved to present products, as on this occasion that we may see a new MacBook Air. Of course, iOS 17 is going to be key and Mark Gurman has predicted great news including changes to SharePlay, an evolution of AirPlay, more possibilities on the lock screen, a landscape mode and much more.

iOS 17 will incorporate a wide range of new features, according to Gurman

Punctual as clockwork Mark Gurman, a well-known analyst, has published his weekly newsletter in which he has talked about the upcoming features that iOS 17 will incorporate. Throughout his publication he has highlighted the Major change coming to AirPlay. Remember that this protocol was created by Apple and allows the exchange of content or its reproduction between Apple devices or with televisions and music equipment. Apparently, Apple intends to open up much more AirPlay to allow content to be played on other devices even when they are not owned by us, such as a hotel television.

iOS 17 Concept

In the newsletter, we have also talked about all the functions that we expect in iOS 17 and that have been echoing in our heads in recent weeks. For example a change in the screen interface in landscape mode which would display information otherwise. Changes will also come to SharePlay, the tool that allows us to broadcast content from our device with another person through FaceTime although the content of those changes has not been revealed.

New design Health iOS 17

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This would be the new design of the Health and Wallet apps in iOS 17

In addition, it is expected arrival of an application in the form of a diary to record the mood and improve the mental health of users. These records would be taken directly to the app Health and it is likely that this application will come natively to the iPad, a big change.

Finally, the opening to more application stores is expected to comply with European regulations. As well as, the accessibility changes already presented a week ago unexpectedly and even the possibility of new ways to customize the lock screen with simpler widgets, including the simplified Apple Music widget.