Has your HomePod broken? we have bad news

One of the moments that no Apple user wants to come is the one in which they have to go to Apple technical service to have to repair one of their products because they have either broken down or do not work as they should. Well, the problem will be even greater if you have an original HomePod. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

This will cost you to fix your HomePod

The original HomePod, not the HomePod mini, has a very serious problem when users who have it can repair it in case it breaks. Because Apple stopped selling it, the support that the Cupertino company gives to this device is quite limited, since in the end they do not have parts that they can use to carry out such repairs.

White HomePod

This casuistry causes that if those users who have to repair their HomePod have to take two fundamental aspects into account if they do not want to pay a good amount of money. These are the guarantee of the product and of course if for your HomePod have taken out Apple insurancei.e. Apple Care+. In case the problem that the HomePod has is covered by the warranty, then the cost of the repair will be zeroNow, if this is not the case but you have contracted Apple Care+, you will only have to pay 29 euro for Apple to “fix” your device. And it is that we use the quotes in the word fix since what the Cupertino company will really do is give you a new unit as a replacement for your own HomePod.

Now, what happens if you do not have the HomePod under warranty and, furthermore, you do not have an Apple Care+ contract? Well, what will happen in this case is that you will have to pay a good amount of money if you want to enjoy everything it offers again this fantastic device. The repair price for a HomePod that is out of warranty and does not have Apple Care+ is 279 eurosIn other words, it will practically be like buying the equipment all over again.

Can HomePods be repaired outside of Apple?

Surely if you are experiencing this casuistry of having to fix your HomePod firsthand, you may wonder if you are obliged to repair your equipment. through Apple, and no, the truth is that also you can go to a SAT, that is, an Authorized Technical Service that also has all the guarantees offered by Apple, in fact, it is fully authorized by the Cupertino company to carry out repairs of this type. However, in terms of price, you will find yourself in the same case, since in the end everything ends up being managed by the Cupertino company.


Now, surely many users in this case cross their minds take the HomePod to an unauthorized center so that they are the ones in charge of carrying out the repair. The reality is that repairing a HomePod, as we have mentioned, is not easy, since from the outset the center you go to has to have the appropriate repair materials as well as the parts that have to be changed to bring the device back to life. HomePod, and this is something very difficult to achieve. Therefore, the reality is that if you want to return to having the same experience that you had before with your HomePod, you will have to take it to an Apple Store or to a SAT.

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