Have you bought a Mac? You will appreciate these tips

Recently, Apple has introduced the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro chipped M2, Apple’s new Silicon has completed the two-year cycle that Apple predicted when they introduced the Apple Silicon M1 in October 2021. Since then, many users have acquired a new Macbook and in this post we are going to review the first steps every Mac user have to do when you get a new device.

Sign in with your Apple ID and turn on iCloud Keychain

The moment you open your Mac for the first time, you have to register your Apple username or create a new user profile. If you have or have used an Apple device in the past, you already have an Apple ID, so all you have to do is enter your email and password. If not, you have to go through the signup process to get an Apple ID. Without them functions you can have with the team are very limited.

Second, the iCloud Keychain. This becomes more important if you have more Apple devices apart from a Mac. Still, this keychain is essential for several reasons. Firstly, because it saves all the passwords you use, to add them each time you are going to use them and secondly, it will also provide you with secure passwords each time you have to sign up for a service, platform or application.

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Discover or rediscover Finder

Finder it is a file explorer that is found natively in macOS and that remains open while you are using the computer and above all, you can never close it. It’s also fixed in the App Dock where you can perform essential functions in your team such as opening and organizing files, quick actions, setting tags and favorites, and finding and removing apps.

The sidebar of Finder it is also essential to become familiar with it, since you have shortcuts to folders like, AirDrop, most used folders, iCloud Drive or external SSD or card reader devices that we have added from input ports. Like Dock items, Sidebar items open with a single click. Added to all this is the possibility of incorporating commandswhere some that we all know quickly and others that require more work to incorporate them into your workflow.

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Use native apps and the Finder

By default, Apple provides a series of applications that can be very useful to you. First of all, all Mac users have access to all native Apple applications such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Other apps like Grades either quick time are also really interesting, as well as the traditional apps of Calendar, Music Y Podcastor the native ones for video and music editing like iMovie or GarageBand. these last two previously included within iTunes.

If you come from another Apple team, it is best to use the migration assistant, so you can transfer applications to your new device. To do this, you have to go to the Migration wizard which is located in the utilities folder of the Applications folder. Then, you request permission to make changes and enter your admin password and you accept the process. Next, the complete sending of information from the apps takes place. Also, if you want to download new applications, you have access to everything the Mac Store catalog or third-party applications.

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