HBO Max becomes just “Max” and loses many features in tvOS

We recently commented on how the development of tvOS, the Apple TV operating system, was being systematically abandoned by many providers, including YouTube (Google) and even Movistar+. For the moment, despite the fact that the HBO application was not exactly one of the most refined, it continued to stand the test of time in a relatively noble way.

Now HBO Max becomes just Max, and it dispenses with the native tvOS player, so it now loses most of its valuable features. In this way, far from what we could imagine, the application is getting worse instead of better.

The positive point, if we can consider it that way, is that HBO Max continues to provide service in Spain, far from the leap it has offered in the United States of America, where it has been renamed solely Max, under three new and expensive subscription plans:

  • MaxLite: Two-device streaming in Full HD resolution, no downloads and ads, starting at $9.99.
  • Max: Dual device playback in Full HD resolution, with 30 monthly downloads and no ads, starting at $15.99.
  • Max Ultimate: Four-device streaming in UHD (4K) resolution, with 100 monthly downloads and no ads, starting at $19.99.

At the moment we do not know if the current prices of HBO Max will be maintained, and if the guaranteed “for life” rate for HBO Max users who had been paying €4.99 per month will be respected or not. Yes indeed, now we will have access to some more content, by integrating Discovery.

Other media have already told that the application in Spain will be updated without further ado, as happened with HBO, What they don’t say is that now “Max” dispenses with the integrated player in tvOS, and probably also in iOS. In the United States of America, where it has already been deployed, does not offer Dolby Atmos audio, HDR content is suffering and the Picture-in-Picture function has been lost, as well as the reduction of loud sounds,